Grotto Jeita – Named New Natural Wonder Finalist


The caves of Jeita’s grotto became closer this week to becoming one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

It is a historical moment that a Lebanese natural site is competing with the most important natural beauty locations in the world like the Grand Canyon and the Amazon Forest. – Coordinator of the National Campaign for Jeita

Jeita was selected as one of 28 hopefuls by a panel of international judges that have praised the Grotto and applauded Lebanon for the “professionalism” of its campaign.

At 9-kilometers in length, the Grotto is home to one of the world’s biggest stalactites, measuring some 8.2 meters in height. It also harbors a rainbow-colored display of younger crystal-like formations, created by water and mineral deposits having sifted through rocks over hundreds of thousands of years.

I was truly blown away by the caves,” said Ida Champion, a British tourist that visited the caves.

The journey ahead, however, remains long and filled with obstacles. Lebanon as a small country will have tremendous difficulty attracting sufficient amounts of votes to compete with larger countries.

A string of advertising campaigns have been planned, with a music video “Jeita Grotto, the most beautiful grotto” soon expected to appear on national television screens. But if Jeita is to stand a chance, help will be needed from all Lebanese expatriates, in addition to fellow Arab countries.

We are asking all Lebanese friends and Arab countries to vote [over the coming months] … it is a competition in beauty which unites the hearts of everyone