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BeicipFranlab, a French petroleum consulting firm,  signed an agreement with caretaker Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil Thursday. The firm is set to prepare a tender in the coming months that would allow companies bid for the right to explore oil and gas off the Lebanese coast. The agreement should set the stage for the eventual state-led […]

In the early 1960s, some twenty-something enthusiasts in Lebanon started building remarkably sophisticated rockets. These rockets made it as far up as the International Space Station is today, and even the United States and Soviet Union had to pay attention. The Lebanese Rocket Society was the brainchild of Manoug Manougian, a 25-year-old math and physics […]

On March 5th, 2011, passengers at the Rafik Hariri International Airport experienced something a little different.

Great video about a teaser titled: “Beyrouth, I love you, I love you not.” Music by the renowned  Mashrou’ Leila.