The Palestine Papers – Al Jazeera’s leaks may shake Palestinians


Al Jazeera will unleash in the next 4 days, the largest-ever leak of confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, to the U.N.’s investigation in Lebanon’s Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, leaking documents has become fashionable. In the hope, that some seriousness is taken by the mass to act upon. Wikileaks confirmed what most people knew, giving reason to be alarmed, and yet today looks a lot like yesterday.

The Palestine papers is one of these sites that contain very detailed information among American, Israeli, and the Palestinian Authority’s transcripts that shed light on each and every position’s reputation.

In addition, Al Jazeera has launched a website where you could be able to leak documents yourself at

Some Information about these Documents ☞There are 1,684 total documents, including

  • 275 sets of meeting minutes;
  • 690 internal e-mails;
  • 153 reports and studies;
  • 134 sets of talking points and prep notes for meetings;
  • 64 draft agreements;
  • 54 maps, charts and graphs;
  • and 51 “non-papers.”

Why are most of these documents in English?

Because Israeli and Palestinian negotiators almost always conduct their meetings in English, not Arabic or Hebrew. The delegations occasionally talk amongst themselves in those languages – you’ll find such exchanges noted in the minutes – but the actual negotiations, and any documents reflecting their agreements, are in English.

The PDF versions of these documents say they were created in 2011. How do you explain that?

In order to protect the integrity of The Palestine Papers, Al Jazeera created fresh PDF copies of each document. They are exact duplicates of the originals, except where personal contact information was redacted (see below).

Why are certain documents redacted?

We have redacted personal contact information – e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, etc. – found in some of these documents.

Why are certain documents available only in PDF?

The formatting of some documents meant that we were unable to automatically import their text into our database. Instead, we’ve provided a summary of the document, and posted PDF versions for download.  For those reasons, some documents in the database are not be keyword searchable and require manual examination.