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A group of people talking about the Coexistence in Tyr. To view more Al Nahar TV, subscribe to their YouTube page. Song: Ysa3ed Y3een – Ziad el Rahbani

Lebanon’s Christian community has lost faith in the court established to prosecute the killers of the country’s former premier. That’s good news for Hezbollah, and bad news for the United States and its allies. – David Pollock writes in the Foreign Policy Magazine Behind Hezbollah’s power play against the tribunal lies something more than brute […]

It seems like a French-Qatari deal. Business tycoon Nagib Miqati stands out as a neutral player to hold the Premiership of the next Lebanese government.

Al Jazeera will unleash in the next 4 days, the largest-ever leak of confidential documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, to the U.N.’s investigation in Lebanon’s Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, leaking documents has become fashionable. In the hope, that some seriousness is taken by the mass to act upon. Wikileaks confirmed […]

Annahar TV has grabbed my attention these past few months. I’d be doing you a favor to introduce you a subscription to video journalism that often give certain insights for a certain period, trying to sense the collective consciousness of Lebanese. I have posted an older podcast here. With their latest release, LBC came to do […]

Mr. Kamal G. Merheb is a Lebanese Ph.D student at Skema France. He is conducting a survey on “The Lebanese Brain Drain in Project Management field” between 1975 and 2008. You are kindly requested to help him by filling in the survey form. Please click the link to participate: Thank you for your collaboration