Trendy Lebanon about to get political media attention in Q1 of 2011


With the indictment soon to be announced, Lebanese catch their last breath this Christmas holiday and New Years Eve. All the best from me and everybody here among the circle.

As we grip ourselves to a next phase in Lebanese history, expect lots of international media attention.

Not concerning Lebanon’s natural beauty, but those local, regional and international media attention will shed light on the last 5 years of Lebanon.

Summaries such as these will be looked upon by many Lebanese who, themsleves experienced the true movement of this period in the first degree.

It is without a doubt, the most who has learned from all this, is the Lebanese people. We have collectively saw the literal realities of how the Media always has an ulterior motive. Very easy for us to dissect. The hypocritical post written by Roger Cohen in the New York Times entitled ‘The Captive Arab Mind‘ reminds me of my conviction. And yet, like other nations, propaganda is something harder to pull off nowadays in Lebanon.

I feel, most Lebanese have doubts concerning the legitimacy and profesional integrity of the U.N. investigation; I really hope the U.N. will surprise us with something else that what has supposedly been ‘leaked’, or rather by some concrete evidence of who it will bring forward.

Let us remember, Rafik al Hariri never fired a gun, he strived to help Lebanon worldwide. Many more in Lebanon deserve his fate and are surprisingly today in the government. Someone that wanted to kill Hariri, Tueni, Pierre, Samir and many more, also wanted to kill Lebanon. Who has the audacity to do such a thing?

All I know, it’s not Lebanese.