Terry Jones forced me to apologize to my Muslim friends


Surely, you’ve heard of the absurd “Burn the Quran” day to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11.

While it is clear that Terry Jones does not represent Christians, I was forced to appologize for Terry Jones’ ignorance and lack knowledge of reading the Quran or the meaning of Islam; Whats worse, is that the media’s propogation of the news. The more you talk about it, the more you make it an issue.

Even further, America is based on immigration from the world throughout, with respect to the natives of the land.


4 Responses to “Terry Jones forced me to apologize to my Muslim friends”

  1. I completely disagree. Why should you feel you need to apologise for someone else’s actions? He is burning a Koran. Big deal. He is not harming anyone, and no Moslem is going to be denied the right to worship because of it. The most important thing is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. It is freedom that made America a great place.

    I think the real shame is that no religious group is defending the rights to free expression while condemning this action.

  2. 2 warlockasylum

    He should learn that Islam was America’s First religion:


  3. 3 fauzia

    He should be stopped!He s an ignorant ,a fanatic and like all fanatics ,is preaching intolerance and provoking hostility!He is a serious menace for he is endangering peace !I hope he realizes the danger of his intention and stops this folly!!!All we need is some one like him!It s a shame!!

  4. 4 Karim

    This guy is insane. He is creating hatred. Who would accept to have their Holy Book burned?

    If there were the burning the Old Testament?! The Jews would have done a WHOLE uproar. Maybe even invaded a country.

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