The fallacy of One God and Christianity

Guest Writer

America will not be wasting money on Israel, had it not been for the fallacy of one God and Christianity. Killing in the name of God has been the mantra of modern Israel and their protectors.

Holy land or holy crap? No god wants you to kill other human beings. If conditions is put on Lebanon not to use weapons supplied by US against Israel, why is there no conditions for weapons given to Israel? Of course not, Israel is killing mostly non-Jews and non-Christians, and that makes it okay for the US.

Weapons is meant to be used for war. Why have a weapon if it can’t be used. Imagine if any war breaks out against the two sides again, and the Lebanese first has to decide wether to use American weapons or Iranian weapons.

Just stop arming the two sides, let them settle their differences with diplomacy. But then US wants to meddle in every country’s affairs. If Iran was not helping the Lebanese, the U.S. will not jump in again. It goes to show that the U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace. Shame on America!

Children are going hungry in the US, schools are not funded, teachers are being laid-off, people have no health insurance, homes are being foreclosed, homelessness is increasing every day, hospitals and libraries are closing, yet America has money to buy weapons for Israel and Lebanon to kill each other.


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