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A 3-chapter Lebanese short film (Arabic / English): Chapter 1: Beirut, 20 Years Later Chapter 2: A Day in the Life Chapter 3: Lebanon: or How We All Left and Never Looked Back

How many times have you crossed a site and couldn’t play the video, seen the address or phone number of a Flashy restaurent. The iPad without Flash is just experiencing part of the internet.

It was by far the most unexpected news coming out of Syria. Syrian students are officially not authorised to wear the niqab (fully covered voile) in public and private universities. In the name of protecting Syria’s laïque identity. Surprised? read on… Echoing similar laws being passed in Europe, a ministerial official at the Ministry of […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have a crisis on his hands before he visits Washington on Tuesday: Turkey, long one of Israel’s closest allies in the Muslim world, has said it will cut ties with the Jewish state unless it apologizes for the May 31 flotilla raid that killed nine Turkish activists. Turkey will […]