New York City’s French Institute is all about Lebanon this month


fi:af’s World Nomads Festival, which opened May 1st with a concert by Bassam Saba ensemble, seems to be the core of the Big Apple’s Lebanon mania. The annual event is comprised of multidisciplinary attractions that explore identity through the arts of one specific location and its expatriate community. Lebanon is this spring’s invité d’honneur.

Given Lebanon’s large expatriate community, frequently deemed much bigger than its resident population, the country’s selection was apt.

World Nomads Lebanon presents a month-long series dedicated to some of the preeminent Lebanese artistic voices active in the fields of music, cinema, literature, architecture, theater, and the visual arts in the world today.

♫ Music à Literature ☺☹ Theater
α Architecture ☼ Cinéma ✿ Visual Arts
★ Special Event

As with its previous editions, World Nomads Lebanon is created with luminary curators—thanks in particular to Rasha Salti—and presented in partnership with esteemed New York-based cultural organizations.

You can also watch the video’s gallery of the different events.