Legislation on Tobacco Control in Lebanon


As you know, the Tabacco Free Initiative project of law is being currently discussed in the Commission for Administration and Justice. Your support is very important to show the people responsible of these discussions that an important part of the Lebanese population supports a law based on 3 main points:

1- Total ban of smoking in all closed public places, including restaurants and cafes.

2- Total ban of advertising and sponsoring.

3- Inclusion of pictorials illustrating tobacco bad effects on health on 40% of tobacco packs, in addition to written warnings.

Please download the petition, place a stamp of your organization, your name, position in the organization, signature and date, scan it and send it back to  tfi@tfi-lb.org.

We would appreciate receiving it before thursday 27 of May.
You will be contributing in this way to create a healthy environment for our new young generations in Lebanon.