Lebanon Beats Israeli Hummus World Record, again


Lebanon and Israel have long battled over which country can truly claim ownership of the delightful Hummus dish, and this weekend, Lebanon scored not one, but two decisive victories. Not to mention the historic and world-over-recognized traditional  Lebanese Hummus.

The first was on Saturday, where some 300 chefs in Fanar made a 10-ton vat of hummus to earn the Guinness World Record for the largest serving of hummus ever made. The massive hummus pool was more than double the previous record of four tons, held by Israel and set earlier this year outside of Jerusalem.

The next day, Lebanese chefs focused on claiming falafel victory, frying up over 11,000 pounds’ worth, and establishing the first falafel record of its kind. A Guinness World Records representative was on hand to witness the huge mound of chickpea patties.

Hummus was provided by SONACO’s finest Al-Rabih.