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Occupation, édification du mur, colonisation, spoliations, accaparement de Jérusalem… Plus que jamais, le gouvernement israélien est dans le déni total des droits des Palestiniens et noyé dans sa politique de la force. Dans l’opinion publique des principaux pays alliés d’Israël, cette situation est de plus en plus dénoncée et les initiatives menées par la société […]

fi:af’s World Nomads Festival, which opened May 1st with a concert by Bassam Saba ensemble, seems to be the core of the Big Apple’s Lebanon mania. The annual event is comprised of multidisciplinary attractions that explore identity through the arts of one specific location and its expatriate community. Lebanon is this spring’s invité d’honneur. Given Lebanon’s large expatriate […]

As you know, the Tabacco Free Initiative project of law is being currently discussed in the Commission for Administration and Justice. Your support is very important to show the people responsible of these discussions that an important part of the Lebanese population supports a law based on 3 main points: 1- Total ban of smoking in […]

The Rafik B. Hariri Building is named in memory of the late two-time prime minister of Lebanon, noted philanthropist, and ardent advocate of education, through a gift from his son, Saad Hariri, the newly designated prime minister of Lebanon and a 1992 alumnus of the McDonough School of Business. “This facility will provide a world […]

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up “moderate elements” within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard-liners. John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, met with Lebanese leaders during a recent visit. Hezbollah is a very interesting organization,” Brennan told a […]

“There should be no more excuses for low connectivity in Lebanon,” Yvon Le Roux, Cisco vice president in Middle East said on Wednesday. The remarks were made during a press conference that took place at the InterContinental Le Vendome Hotel. The conference announced the launching of the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute (CEI) in Lebanon, a school-like […]

Most grassroots peace efforts in the Middle East try to build on areas of mutual agreement, but one group of Israelis and Arabs has taken a different tack – looking for arguments against peace between Israel and Syria. The OneMideast project, which formally goes public today, is making its debut at a time of high tension […]

Real estate transactions in Lebanon in the 1st quarter of 2010 jumped by 41 percent to reach 22,059 transactions, a record high compared to previous years, reaching a little more than $2 billion, according to figures released by the Directorate of Real Estate. Lebanon’s property sector flourished in the first quarter of 2010, benefiting from […]

“She’s a great girl,” said Donald Trump, who owns the pageant with NBC in a joint venture. Ms. Fakih, a Lebanese-American from Dearborn, Mich., told pageant organizers her family celebrates both Muslim and Christian faiths. She moved to the United States as a baby and was raised in New York, where she attended a Catholic […]

A Syrian man was arrested today for setting up a checkpoint, yes in 2010, and for stealing a vehicle. Tannous Mitri was driving his Mercedes on the highway earlier this month when he stopped at a checkpoint. Surveillance cameras showed a Syrian national holding a gun standing at the barrier and, according to the Internal […]

Lors d’un point presse ce mardi, le porte-parole du ministère français des Affaires étrangères a indiqué à propos du prochain sommet de l’UPM prévu en juin à Barcelone que « Les pays membres de l’UPM ont toute latitude pour déterminer la composition de la délégation qui les représentera au sommet de Barcelone. » Il répondait […]

Lebanon and Israel have long battled over which country can truly claim ownership of the delightful Hummus dish, and this weekend, Lebanon scored not one, but two decisive victories. Not to mention the historic and world-over-recognized traditional  Lebanese Hummus. The first was on Saturday, where some 300 chefs in Fanar made a 10-ton vat of […]

Jusqu’au 10 mai, Air France vous propose Beyrouth à partir de 850$ taxes et surcharges incluses.  Aucune surcharge pour les départs en fin de semaine et un arrêt gratuit à Paris. BEYROUTH 10 sept. -10 déc.  à partir de 850$ (economique – voyageur) Réservez maintenant Conditions tarifaires : (*) Cette offre est valable sur des […]

Starting today, countries can use Internet country code top-level domains that are independent of the Latin alphabet, according to Internet regulating body ICANN. As it currently stands, a site in Saudi Arabia must use “.sa” as its root. Now it can use the Arabic equivalent and leave off translating. Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi […]

C’est le grand jour, 2000 eleves seront à 10h au Place De L’etoile et des centaines d’autres batteront les tambours dans toutes les villes libanaises, dans leur école. Bonne chance à eux dans leur message de Paix pour un Liban Vert! L’événement sera retransmis en direct par satellite à travers le monde : NOURSAT – […]

Nicolas Chouity, a 23-year old Lebanese poker player from Beyrouth, is the winner of the EPT Monte Carlo. The event is the grand final of the season for the European Poker Tour. He bested 848 participants and walked with the top prize of €1,700,000.00. Chouity didn’t have to pay the massive buy in for the […]

The first web-series in the Arab World, “Shankaboot” meets the daily life a young delivery boy in Beyrouth, called Sleimane. Accessible over the internet since March 12, the series tries to blend Turkish and American productions. From Algeria to Syria, this episode may be the buzz of the internet tomorrow. Tested secretly since March 12th, “Shankaboot” is […]

Par Jean-Baptiste MAROT Première web-série du monde arabe, “Shankaboot” raconte la vie quotidienne d’un jeune livreur beyrouthin nommé Sleimane. Accessible sur le Net depuis le 12 mars, le feuilleton entend concurrencer les productions turques et américaines. D’Alger à Damas, elle sera peut-être le buzz de demain sur Internet. Testée discrètement depuis le 12 mars, “Shankaboot“, la […]

Watch out, sparks may fly on Monday. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is headed to the United States for a conference on nuclear nonproliferation. He will address the United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty tomorrow and may be planning to present major proposals to the conference that would allow Iran to continue its nuclear program—one Iran insists […]