Color Lebanon’s Sky with ‘Fly Lebanon’


More than 150 pilots from clubs in 16 countries “will color the sky of Lebanon” next month with a display of hang-gliding and balloons.

The event, entitled “Fly Lebanon,” will start on May 9 at Tripoli Municipal Stadium at 7 am when light water hang gliders will take off. The second stop of the festival is scheduled to take place at the President Sleiman Corniche in Amsheet at noon, followed by a third event at Jounieh Municipal Stadium in the afternoon.

The announcement was made during a news conference at Saint George Hotel in Beyrouth by Pilot Anwar Khozah, the president of the Lebanese Aeronautics Club for Hobbyists and the chairman of InterAvia.

After thanking President Michel Sleiman for his support in the organization, Kozah noted that it was part of the International Aviation Forum NO BORDERS.

This event will gather around 50 Lebanese pilots, 30 French pilots in addition to pilots from Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Iran, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Hungary.Ramon Morillas, seven times Para Motor Spanish Champion and the world Para Motoring Champion of 2010, and Michel Carnet from France, the World Para Motoring Champion of 2009 confirmed their participation.

Kozah predicted that Fly Lebanon will become an annual tradition and welcomed the possibility of its future inclusion in any multi-country event with Lebanon as its final stop.

The event includes hang gliding, parasailing, paragliding, paramotoring, sky diving and rope piloting, in addition to shows performed by Cessna aircraft that will take off from Beyrouth International Airport.