All-Expenses paid for a 3-day “Arab New Media” Summit


The UNESCO Centre of Catalonia-UNESCOCAT is glad to announce the celebration of a three-day Summit on Arab New Media to be held in Amman, Jordan, in February 2010.

If you are Lebanese and enthusiastic about New Media and its potential to foster peace, dialogue and development in the region, kindly send your resume and a brief note about yourself as soon as possible to

We accept applications from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Women are encouraged to apply. Participants will be provided with all-expenses paid for this training.

Please, help us to disseminate this information among others who could be interested.

Hoping to hearing from you, best regards from Barcelona,

Rut Gómez Sobrino
Head of the Audiovisual Department
UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform
Tel.: (+34) 934 763 276


One Response to “All-Expenses paid for a 3-day “Arab New Media” Summit”

  1. 1 Georges Silwan

    why is this in Jordan?

    It’ll be hard even if I do get selected. There is just too much to do in Beirut.

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