Fact: Lebanon was labelled an “Arab Country”, just 20 years ago


On September 29, 1989, sixty-three of the seventy-six surviving members of Lebanon’s 1972 Parliament gathered in the city of Ta’ef in Saudi Arabia to reach a settlement to end the civil war at the request of Lakhdar Ibrahimi, envoy of the Arab Follow-Up Committee, set up by the Arab League. The meeting came against the backdrop of an escalating military situation and a power vacuum created by the expiration of Amine Gemayel’s presidency without the election of a successor.

General principles of the Taef agreement
On September 21, 1990, a preamble was added to the Lebanese Constitution, as part of constitutional amendments stipulated in the Taef accord. It most significantly ignited an old debate on the identity of Lebanon stressing that “Lebanon is Arab in belonging and identity. It is an active and founding member of the Arab League and is committed to the league’s charter. It is an active and founding member of the United Nations Organization and is committed to its charters


4 Responses to “Fact: Lebanon was labelled an “Arab Country”, just 20 years ago”

  1. 1 Marwan

    Who would ever think that the Internet will be as powerful as it is nowadays?
    Most research shows that there are 3 out of 10 Internet users who are plagued by online threats of varying degrees. We need to maintain our indentity!

  2. 2 gifadosahilo

    well said @Marc

  3. 3 Salim

    Marc it’s dangerous how you say it. I agree we are different, but beware on how you say it. We don’t want to offend anybody.

  4. 4 Marc S.

    I have faintly some of what is common among Arabs.
    Arabs among themselves don’t have much in common either.

    They keep fighting and disagreeing with each other.

    The reason they have “labelled me” and “forced me” to be an Arab is because we lost the Lebanese civil war, and wanted to see themselves through me.

    It was a war of identities and we lost.

    I speak Arabic, and ‘they make me feel’ cursed by the language, because I don’t see many other bindings with the Gulf, and Northern Africa only?

    Language, which is the primary point to target, other than cultural, is whats mainly labelling me as an Arab.

    English is: the Official Language in Cameroon, are they British?
    What about Ghana? Australia? Would you dare go to an Australian and tell him he’s British or part of its empire?

    Why does the Arab world strive to make me an Arab?

    “Whereever man goes, men will pursue him and paw him with their dirty institutions, and if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate odd-fellow society” – Henri Thoreau

    The debate has been going on at Topix since February 2008 – The web (2.0) makes us socially vocal: http://www.topix.com/forum/world/lebanon/TCIIG18N8F4QR6QIQ/p18

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