Moons, Rivers and Rosebuds – by Philip Rahbany


Spotlighting Lebanese author K. Philip Rahbany, who released his first poetry book, Moons, Rivers and Rosebuds, at age 83. Philip Rahbany has compiled poetic musings from the last six years, covering diverse subjects including family, nature, death, tributes, Lebanon, seasons, and love.  This collection of poems explores meaningful topics with a quiet drama and unusual syntax.

Rahbany brings a unique point of view as an economist who has traveled extensively.  His poems offer a powerful, poignant view of the world, exploring the simple pleasures – as in a flower’s beauty – as well as the complex emotions of love, loss and longing.

Throughout my travels and career transitions, I was always ready with pen and paper to write poems, articles and books,” said Rahbany. “From early on, I was interested in the tactile appreciation of writing about little slices of life. The inspiration for my writing comes from my life’s experiences, extensive travels and keen observations – babies, flower buds, romance, sunsets, paintings that I’ve collected from Paris and Rio, music that has moved me, photographs and a rabbit’s foot that was my mother’s last gift to me.”

Moons, Rivers and Rosebuds, which was released on September 1, 2009, includes whimsical illustrations by Khattar Emad, providing additional flair and beauty.

“This collection of poetry is meant to inspire, soothe, comfort, excite and spark real, raw emotions in my readers,” Rahbany continued.

Born in Beyrouth in 1926, Rahbany was raised in the Mediterranean, and graduated from the American University of Beirut.  He earned his Ph.D. in economics from the Universityof Wisconsin before joining the United States Army.

Rahbany has pursued many paths, including teaching at Western Michigan University, Texas A&M University and the Dartmouth College ILEAD program. He shifted paths to concentrate on transportation planning, management and regulation. He then worked in the hospitality business, real estate development, paper manufacturing and mortgage banking for a variety of in public and private enterprises in Asia, Africa East and West, and South and North America. He now lives in Charlestown, NH.

To arrange an interview, please contact Adrienne Walkowiak, Publicist, Bisson Barcelona – or 603/664-5776.

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