The evolution of Termium 2009 – Can there be one?


The Termium 2009 conference is a flop.

I received several thoughts from Lebanon out of a clump of observers concerning the Termium conference at BIEL, and listened to their ideas.

It seems…

  • Lebanese social mingles realize that there is more potential of an Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The internet is creating a lot of niches, each specilizing in a topic, and it’s specifics.
  • Having a Start-up conference for Online Services.
  • Software Development & Engineering.
  • The natural instinct of hawkish entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The low cost of software / though requires teams of software development talent.
  • High benefits of being exposed to every internaute user worldwide.
  • Potentials of monetizing.
  • Taking advantage of a world guarenteed to be standardized.

Please refer to our special post on the IT Sector and the potential of the expanding online services in Lebanon.


2 Responses to “The evolution of Termium 2009 – Can there be one?”

  1. 1 Riad

    Here is a reason Emilio:

  2. 2 Emilio

    why was it a flop?

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