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On behalf of the authors, we would like to wish the circle a merry Christmas and may this festive season bring abundant joy and happiness in your life. I invite you to share your Christmas stories at Exotica’s My Different Christmas. courtesy of BeirutNightLife.

DOW JONES Newswire – Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services raised Lebanon’s sovereign-credit ratings and gave them a positive outlook because of banking resilience and the expectation of political stability in the medium term. Lebanon benefits from a large and stable depositor base, as well as financial support from wealthy Arab states and Lebanese expatriates, but the […]



If you wangle Ziad Baroud’s last interview with Marcel Ghanem, I see a pattern in his thinking. I feel his ideal government, is the government that governs least. I feel if the Lebanese society noticed that the Lebanese government is doing its part, society would feel compelled to play its part as well.

On September 29, 1989, sixty-three of the seventy-six surviving members of Lebanon’s 1972 Parliament gathered in the city of Ta’ef in Saudi Arabia to reach a settlement to end the civil war at the request of Lakhdar Ibrahimi, envoy of the Arab Follow-Up Committee, set up by the Arab League. The meeting came against the […]

Lebanese officials and private stakeholders met with European Union representatives Monday to assess Beyrouth’s implementation of the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise and discuss further steps to improve its enterprise environment. Lebanese officials reviewed recent key developments of enterprise policy and discussed further steps to be implemented. The “EU welcomes the thrust that the ministerial declaration […]

[Wikipedia] La Révolution tranquille désigne une période de l’histoire contemporaine du Québec recoupant essentiellement les années de la décennie 1960. Elle est notamment caractérisée par une réorientation de l’État québécois qui adopte les principes de l’État-providence, la mise en place d’une véritable séparation de l’Église catholique et de l’État et la construction d’une nouvelle identité nationale québécoise, […]