Lebanus 2009 annual party in Montréal


Lebanus_2009_MontrealLebanus is doing it again! Their third edition of the famous annual “Lebanese Night” party is set once again at Club Opera on November 27th, 2009.

This is an event not to be missed in Montreal since it is one of the best for the Lebanese expatriates. The 15$ entrance fee will go at 100% for financing needy Lebanese students in Lebanon. Lebanus will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary in Montreal during this event in which DJ Mario will be spinning.

For those of you who don’t know, Lebanus is a cultural and humanitarian organization dedicated to financially assisting needy Lebanese students. It was founded by four students in Paris and Lebanon in 1986, and three years later expanded to include Montreal.

Address of Club Opera:
32 Ste Catherine West
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 3V4
(514) 842-2836


3 Responses to “Lebanus 2009 annual party in Montréal”

  1. Luke!
    We can’t do anything about it as it’s the contraction of “Lebanon & us”
    Well, marketing wise, it can be usefull… as like this you won’t forget our name ;)
    And as we say in Lebanon “kell ouahad hassab niyeto”

  2. LebANus, seriously guys. I mean I can see it’s a good cause and all but having anus in your name is a bit weird

  3. Thank you so much for talking about it :)
    We have our event on FB too for those who have an account there.
    All the info concerning the table RSV and the tickets purchasing are there.

    Thank you so much guys one more time!

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