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Elle était comme toi et moi… elle aimait les bonbons et les chocolats. Elle nous racontait des histoires à sa manière, des histoires pour nous amuser. Elle descendait tous les soirs de sa lune pour nous bercer avec sa belle voix d’enfant, une baguette magique dans la main et des dessins sur son visage de […]

War sells. After a war, first come the United Nations, and then the curators,” said Ziad Antar, a Lebanese artist living in France. “Lebanon has seen many wars, but there’s more to the country than that.” Alice Pfeiffer conducts a special report for the New York Times More there may be, but when political conflict […]

Environment Minister Mohammad Rahal demanded Thursday that the hotline 1789 be adopted to submit complaints to his ministry. Rahal asked that all complaints be sent to his office for review. Car smogs (over exagerated), people burning wheels / garbage, plastics will not be gone unnoticed any more. Though for this to work, it should be […]

… and I quote People close to Hizbullah accuse Israel of carrying out the assassinations, and the Aounists automatically followed the same path. Without any doubt, the Israeli intelligence is very strong and has a history of abolishing its enemies; But those who accuse the Israelis also accused those murdered and those who survived assassinations, of […]

Dom Joly for the Sunday Times explains – Beyrouth (Beirut) may be the number-one place to visit in the whole world, but the rest of the country is now our top tip for a cool holiday. I can remember mist, spooky clouds of swirling mist, lapping around us. We were all perched up high on a […]

Patronnée par Son Excellence Monsieur Johan Verkammen, Ambassadeur de Belgique Le Samedi 28 novembre 2009 de 18 à 20h00 en sa Résidence à Yarzé/Baabda En remerciement pour l’engagement de DEFILIBAN et de ses partenaires locaux dans le projet belge et international « LES TAMBOURS POUR LA PAIX », Et à l’occasion de la visite de Monsieur […]

Citant des chiffres publiés par les Autorités du port de Beyrouth, le Lebanon This Week de la Banque Byblos indique que les revenus du port ont totalisé 135 millions de dollars pour les dix premiers mois de l’année 2009, soit une hausse de 26,1% par rapport à la même période l’an passé. L’activité de frêt […]

La Télé Liban lance un nouveau programme télévisé culturel intitulé « Beyrouth Capitale Mondiale du Livre ». Ce programme, portera sur toutes les activités culturelles de « Beyrouth Capitale Mondiale du Livre 2009 » et sera diffusé chaque lundi à 21h et ce jusqu’en Avril 2010.

Out of credit or you have less than $0.09 in your balance, and your line is still in the active period? Now you can use “Ehkineh” a free service from Alfa, to send up to 40 Free predefined “Ehkineh” SMS per month asking an Alfa user, whether Prepaid or Postpaid, to call you back for […]

It started with Tabbouleh a few years back. Today,  Israelis who are in need of rediscovering their own culture, decided to steal their neighbors; How creative. Today, it’s the Falafel, which is traditionally an Egyptian (Copt) delicatessen, has recently been packaged and labelled under the Ta’amti brand, which won the prize for best food ‘from […]

The struggle to understand the roles played by non-profit organizations of every shape and size in relation to the community is the central issue facing non-profits today. It affects fundraising, public relations, program development and long term planning while the question remains about how to fulfill the needs existing in the community.This seminar helps you […]

Sayyed Nasrallah declares that Israel is smuggling drugs to sell in Lebanon, as some Lebanese, are smuggling to sell drugs in Israel.

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Lebanus is doing it again! Their third edition of the famous annual “Lebanese Night” party is set once again at Club Opera on November 27th, 2009. This is an event not to be missed in Montreal since it is one of the best for the Lebanese expatriates. The 15$ entrance fee will go at 100% […]

Its been a while. I tend to aggregate content. But my life once more have changed due to the ripple of yet again, changing jobs. Incidentally, this blog has witnessed 5 city move-ins since its inception, and now finally settled in this last. During my three months summer vacation in Beyrouth (yes, I like breaks […]

La Maison des Jeunes de la Culture (MJC) Zouk Mikael vous invite à participer à une seance musicale audiovisuelle. le vendredi 13 novembre 2009 présentée et discutée par le musicologue Hisham Ajour La séance commence à 20h00 précise, est d’1h30min, suivie d’un vin d’honneur Entrée Libre Prière de confirmer votre présence avant le 11 novembre […]

LYDS announces the call for Young, Active & Dynamic volunteers (between 18 & 26 years) who wish to cooperate with us in our upcoming regional training workshop on media, human rights, and dialogue that will take place in Lebanon on the 22, 23, & 24 December 2009. For more information please visit