Catholics & Jews on Family Guy


I’m a fervent fan of Family Guy (watch all episodes), to my shock many in Lebanon are still not aware of such humour. This comes a bit late for an introduction with Season 8.

Relations between Catholicism and Judaism

Continuing tensions in the Middle East impacts on the relations between Jews and Catholics in the region and beyond. Relations with Lebanese Christians and Arab Christians in Palestine, Jordan and Syria often parallel those relations with Muslims and remain difficult, especially with regards to a viable Jewish state, side by side, with Palestinians.


5 Responses to “Catholics & Jews on Family Guy”

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  2. hahaha love the family guy especially peter (the retard), meg (the punching bag) and stewie (the gay baby)… I also put my own words on family guy hope you drop by.

    Nice blog by the way ~

  3. Not quite related but I hate Family Guy (same goes to The Simpsons) and often wonder what others find funny about this stuff. I find it to be ‘slapsick’. I guess my sense of humor must be off.

  4. Try to watch the last minute of that episode (Season 8 Episode 2) :)

  5. Thanks for the link ;)

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