Did Israel plant spy gears in Lebanon?


A preliminary probe into two explosions in southern Lebanon seemed to indicate that Israel had planted spy gear in Lebanese territory, a violation of a cease-fire agreement between the two countries. The explosions, according to the UNIFIL peacekeeping force, were caused by the detonation of two Israeli underground sensor devices, apparently planted during the 2006 war with Hezbollah. Though UNIFIL is still investigating the reason behind the detonation, a Lebanese official said they were activated remotely from Israel after being discovered by Lebanese security forces. Israel didn’t comment specifically on the Lebanese accusations, but an Israeli military statement claimed that the explosions proved a Hezbollah presence in southern Lebanon. Israel also came under fire from UNIFIL for sending drones over the blast area while the peacekeeping force and the Lebanese army were investigating on-site.

France24 has the details.


2 Responses to “Did Israel plant spy gears in Lebanon?”

  1. Current trends seem to suggest that the future of Israel will be that of a binational state. While this is not something most Israelis want, even many conservatives Israelis have concluded it may be inevitable.


  2. A third device was detonated by the Lebanese army.

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