Baroud says Lebanese Expatriates should vote from abroad


Lebanese Expatriates voting from their residential country.

– An issue this blog has been keen on seeing adopted in a full manner, as any and every self respecting democracy in the world currently enjoys. This may also prevent rumours that some political parties paid for travelling tickets to get extra votes in their favour in 2009. The New York Times considered the Lebanese Elections in 2009 as the most expensive political campaign in the world per capita.

“Proportional representation” is the best way to preserve Lebanon’s diversity, said Interior Minister Ziad Baroud. Political stability, he added, required reviewing not only electoral laws but also the Constitution. “We are primarily facing a constitutional crisis,” he said.

As for the electoral reforms, Baroud said 20 to 30 percent of the anticipated reforms were included in the present electoral law. The right of expatriates and handicapped persons to vote and the use of pre-printed ballot papers were among the mentioned reforms. He also hoped an election supervisory commission would one day replace the Interior Ministry in taking charge of elections, reminding the audience of his earlier remarks…

I hope to be the last Interior Minister to manage general elections and I hope that an independent commission would handle this task.


2 Responses to “Baroud says Lebanese Expatriates should vote from abroad”

  1. one can only hope that expats will eventually be allowed to vote. it is a crucial issue i believe to keep the diaspora involved and caring about lebanon, otherwise, we are headed towards a different lebanon.

  2. I hope the right to the diaspora to vote will include also a reform of the medias.

    I ve some family in Brazil, they are able to watch only one lebanese channel which is politically oriented toward one certain party, and of course it leads them to be biast in their vision of the local situation.

    It is very important also to adress this particular problem.

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