After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff


Lebanese_MediaAfter the massive layoffs of fifty employees and writers at An-Nahar, it was LBC‘s, MTV‘s & Studio Vision‘s turn to do their part.

While rumours circulated that MTV layed off around sixty of its staff, information director at MTV, Ghayyas Yazbeck clarified to L’Orient Le-Jour that his institution layed off only eight (8) employees.

The concerned employees were in a period of trial, some could not reconcile their job at MTV with the requirements of the other staff. Therefore we had to end our professional collaboration with them. Their departure will not affect the work at the heart of MTV which remains in very good financial health – G. Yazbeck

It was also noted that fifty (50) employees were layed off from the production branch of Studio Vision. These employees initally were part of the Rotana company; But the owner, Saudi prince Walid ben Talal, has severely reduced his financial outake due to the heavy losses in the subprime market. Hence, instead of firing the fifty employees, the owner of MTV, Michel Gabriel el Murr, has tried taking the matter in his own hands by covering for the fifty employees, till eventualy the burden was too heavy, and was forced to let go of the staff of Studio Vision.

Studio Vision is not traversing any financial crisis at the moment, and the financial situation is steady and secure“, reaffirmed Ghayyas Yazbeck.

Elsewhere, close sources has stated that twenty (20) LBCI employees had to be layed off. Most of the staff were part of LBCI’s Security Departement. These layoffs were in part to reduce the losses LBCI has to sacrifice due to the closure of their offices in Saudi Arabia.


3 Responses to “After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff”

  1. 1 Archag

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    Thank you for your time and consideration . I look forward to hearing from your soon .


    Archg kurdian

  2. 2 mira sarieddine

    I’m looking for a job in studio vision and i have the qualifications needed . can i find any help.

  3. the pb is that they share the same and tiny people still on their side (the majority)

    Most of the viewers/readers etc… are tired with politics, so they are no more reading/viewing them.

    I want to see for ex someone watching MTV… till now I met only one person in that case. Of course, she is working there !!!!

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