Introducing Intellectual Bahraini Liberal Author: Dhiyaa Al-Musawi


This video of Dhiyaa Al Musawi really viralled, this is the third time I receive this video, and feel it’s about time I share it with the circle, with the least fear of being critised.


3 Responses to “Introducing Intellectual Bahraini Liberal Author: Dhiyaa Al-Musawi”

  1. 1 kamalu

    That shows how stupid and ignorant the Arab Muslim can be. So indoctrinated, his mind so warped by Islamic ideology, that he can no more reason or think for himself. That is because they do not go to school. All they do is memorize and recite the Koran like parrots. While mankind is walking on the moon, Moslem Arabs are fighting a jihad. How can a people be so backwards and ignorant? The world had better forget them and move on. The problem is that they want drag us back with them to the 7th century. The earlier the world stopped them like thy stopped Hitler and Stalin, the better for everybody. And sooner nor later.

  2. Man this is a couple of years old.

  3. 3 Sahar

    I loved the video, I wish there were more people who think this way and admit that we should just accept each other, respect, and enjoy our differences. How boring our world would be if we were all the same. That’s why our people need to be educated, misleading politics is what is poisoning their minds…

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