IndyAct erects Climate Change Countdown Clock in Ain Al-Mreisseh


IndyAct_BeirutLebanon and the Arab countries have all so far but neglected the issue of climate change but must now actively cooperate in negotiations during a key upcoming summit in Copenhagen, Lebanese environmental activists said on Monday. The demand was made by the throngs of people gathered in Beyrouth’s Ain al-Mreisseh neighborhood who erected a “Climate Change Countdown Clock” to symbolize the three months left by the international community to forge an agreement to combat climate change during a summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The protest came as part of a series of “Global Wake up Call” events taking place at more than 2,000 locations in 120 countries to help revitalize flagging international climate talks.

To draw attention to the short time left for negotiations, activists sounded their clock and mobile-phone alarms, honked horns and played musical instruments. Protesters led by the Lebanese non-governmental organization IndyAct also waved banners reading “Wake up 12:18,” to mark December 18, when the Copenhagen climate change agreement is supposed to be reached.

Arab leaders missed yet another opportunity to defend the survival needs of the region from climate-change impacts,” said Wael Hmaidan, executive director of IndyAct, referring to a UN climate summit in New York on Monday that most Arab heads of state overlooked. While the summit was attended by the presidents of the US, France, China and many other countries, “only Algeria participated at the presidential level from the Arab region,” Hmaidan added.

The main Arab countries engaging in the negotiations are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who only defend their oil trade,” he said, adding that no Arab country had ever even spoken at the climate change negotiation sessions. “The Arab region is more than oil, and we have to know that if climate change is not addressed properly, we will lose our agriculture, water, economy and livelihood of our people in the region and globally.


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