Sunday passtime


5 Responses to “Sunday passtime”

  1. With practice you can drink from cans, bottles, and glasses with no problem.

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  2. I remember watching Dragon’s Den in UK and a woman pitched the idea for the Dragons. They bashed her and threw her out.

    Yoga and therapy for kids?! kids?! At this age all ready?! Do they need it!? They screamed… and I agree.

  3. 3 B.S.

    Oh gosh – the joke’s on me. Thought you were using the song to DESCRIBE YOUR weekend passtime … glad you were not ‘holding up a lamppost..

  4. Bernadette,

    It’s a chap who’s singing :)
    The artist: George Formby; the song: Leaning on a lamp post

  5. 5 bernadette salame

    Do you know her name ? Nice tune anyway..

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