Lebanon’s Adobe User Group Launched!


aug_lbTo All you Photoshop Artists, Illustrators and Flash & Flex Gurus – the day has arrived, rather late, to launch Lebanon’s first, and only Adobe User Group. I have just received notice that they have just set up Lebanon’s Adobe User Group where you are strongly encouraged to Join (direct link).


The Benefits?
Plenty, namely a well rounded elite of experts in their fields, talks and teachings, tips & tricks for the adventureous technocrat, Not to mention, New Clientele, Social Networking among peers in the field.

Another very interesting note is for Actionscript3 developers, the idea of Rich Internet Application, a highly encouraging field for developers to go into, due to it’s potential and the leading consulting firm’s advise to go into the Software as a Service business model and emerging cloud computing.
Join the Group, and you’re in for a treat!

Adobe Lebanon’s website proudly uses Woopra Analytics.

5 Responses to “Lebanon’s Adobe User Group Launched!”

  1. I would love to, but it wont work much for me. I am not in Lebanon. If they want to pull a communitee like that together, they should do things more remotely, otherwise whats the point of a website?

    The meetings should be published on-line for others to read and benefit from and the tutorials / tips / shared projects or resolutions as well, so that people from across the glob can participate.

  2. Patrick – you’re the type we’re after!!
    I skimmed through some of your projects – very interesting and would strongly encourage you to sign up & join Lebanon’s Adobe User Group; if you’ve joined any other User Groups, you’d notice that most of he tutorials & talks happen in meetings.
    It’s a collaborative effort of the willing. :-)

  3. I do not see any useful information on the website. Nothing but news and links and contacts.. Where are the feeds / articles / tutorials / discussions?

  4. Mostly learning & mingling :)
    Join us, if for nothing else than to meet among peers & digital trend setters.

  5. Are they working on specific projects?

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