Now Lebanon admits it! Respect.


NowLebanonNow Lebanon’s 88th newsletter published a ‘new opinion‘ article, I’m compelled to aggregate it here. Before they hound me on placing a link to their article, I’m honestly inviting you to read it. I’ll quote the revealing introduction.

Hezbollah does it. Wiam Wahhab does it; even educated FPM members do it! 
Or rather they don’t.

Since its launch in May 2007, NOW Lebanon, the nation’s most popular English news site, has tirelessly hounded leading March 8 politicians to get their side of the story. Our liberal instincts make us want to talk to the others, even if we disagree with them. But surprisingly, the overwhelming majority have refused, citing NOW’s “bias” as the reason they will not comment.

Is it any wonder that NOW Lebanon is accused of harboring this bias, when no one will talk to us? Former environment minister and Syrian apparatchik, Wiam Wahhab had made it very clear that he will not answer the phone to NOW Lebanon. So has Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Mohammad Raad and a whole cohort of lieutenants. Only FPM MPs have gone on record with us. As for Michel Aoun himself, one would think that, for all our harrying of the former army commander – the scathing editorials, the Special Report and the relentless highlighting of his contradictions – he would want to set the record straight.


One Response to “Now Lebanon admits it! Respect.”

  1. Respect?! Admitting their bias… and then blaming the “opponent” for it. With admissions like these, who needs indulgence!?

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