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Every now and then, the Innercircle posts about the expanding Lebanese blogosphere. Today, we’d like to introduce the suitely inclined Armigatus to the Innercircle. Even though we have much in common, the activism of Armigatus is much appreciated among this circle. While Armigatus refrains from entering chaotic Lebanese politics (and rightly so), his focus is […]

This video of Dhiyaa Al Musawi really viralled, this is the third time I receive this video, and feel it’s about time I share it with the circle, with the least fear of being critised.

En périphérie des jeux sportifs, aujourd’hui de nombreuses activités culturelles débutent aux Villages des Partenaires et Francophone. La semaine s’ouvre sur des expressions différentes telles que le « Contes d’orient et chant choral » au village francophone à partir d’hier à 20h30. La danse, la capoeira brésilienne du groupe Filhos de Bimba Escola et la musique […]

Update: After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff. Elias Khoury, Georges Nassif, Jean Karam (who headed the training center), Nazih Khater, May Yaacoub (editor of the last page), Khalil Nahas (editor of the sports page), Bahjat Khater (editor of the judiciary section), and Walid Abboud (responsible for the Nahar al-Shabab […]

« Partir Revenir », tel est le thème de la cérémonie d’ouverture des VIe jeux de la francophonie. Le spectacle rend hommage au Liban, à son histoire et à sa culture ; il mobilise 200 musiciens, 100 danseurs, 60 chanteurs… En vedette : la Libanaise Magida el-Roumi et le Sénégalais Youssou N’Dour, accompagnés par Gabriel Yared et […]

Beyrouth, I Love You (I Love You Not), a short film by “An Orange Dog Productions” about (fleeting) love & the little pleasures in life, all set and in relation with the very inspiring city of Beyrouth. Twitterers are calling the short film a “Beyrouthi tribute to Amelie Poulain & Jean-Pierre Jeunet“.

The Vième Jeux de la Francophonie are being held in Beyrouth, this Sunday the 27th of September till the 6th of October (10 days in length). Tonight, three days before the launching of the games, the echos of the famed Marcel Ghanem’s plea criticised local organizers of the fact that half the population of Lebanon” is […]