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Every now and then, the Innercircle posts about the expanding Lebanese blogosphere. Today, we’d like to introduce the suitely inclined Armigatus to the Innercircle. Even though we have much in common, the activism of Armigatus is much appreciated among this circle. While Armigatus refrains from entering chaotic Lebanese politics (and rightly so), his focus is […]

This video of Dhiyaa Al Musawi really viralled, this is the third time I receive this video, and feel it’s about time I share it with the circle, with the least fear of being critised.

En périphérie des jeux sportifs, aujourd’hui de nombreuses activités culturelles débutent aux Villages des Partenaires et Francophone. La semaine s’ouvre sur des expressions différentes telles que le « Contes d’orient et chant choral » au village francophone à partir d’hier à 20h30. La danse, la capoeira brésilienne du groupe Filhos de Bimba Escola et la musique […]

Update: After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff. Elias Khoury, Georges Nassif, Jean Karam (who headed the training center), Nazih Khater, May Yaacoub (editor of the last page), Khalil Nahas (editor of the sports page), Bahjat Khater (editor of the judiciary section), and Walid Abboud (responsible for the Nahar al-Shabab […]

« Partir Revenir », tel est le thème de la cérémonie d’ouverture des VIe jeux de la francophonie. Le spectacle rend hommage au Liban, à son histoire et à sa culture ; il mobilise 200 musiciens, 100 danseurs, 60 chanteurs… En vedette : la Libanaise Magida el-Roumi et le Sénégalais Youssou N’Dour, accompagnés par Gabriel Yared et […]

Beyrouth, I Love You (I Love You Not), a short film by “An Orange Dog Productions” about (fleeting) love & the little pleasures in life, all set and in relation with the very inspiring city of Beyrouth. Twitterers are calling the short film a “Beyrouthi tribute to Amelie Poulain & Jean-Pierre Jeunet“.

The Vième Jeux de la Francophonie are being held in Beyrouth, this Sunday the 27th of September till the 6th of October (10 days in length). Tonight, three days before the launching of the games, the echos of the famed Marcel Ghanem’s plea criticised local organizers of the fact that half the population of Lebanon” is […]

Canada will contribute $1 million to help organize the sixth Francophone Games, which will take place in Beyrouth from September 27 to October 6, according to an announcement Thursday by Josee Verner, of intergovernmental affairs minister, president of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and francophone minister. This contribution is in keeping with Canada’s traditional […]

June 7, 2012: Check the Weird Lights over Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Two days ago, Libnanews posted an article about the witness of unidentified lights being seen in the skies of Jounieh, the news was first announced during LBC’s Il Maestro. During Sunday night and Monday morning, cars on the autostrade of Jounieh came to a […]

Lebanon and the Arab countries have all so far but neglected the issue of climate change but must now actively cooperate in negotiations during a key upcoming summit in Copenhagen, Lebanese environmental activists said on Monday. The demand was made by the throngs of people gathered in Beyrouth’s Ain al-Mreisseh neighborhood who erected a “Climate Change Countdown […]

Le 30 septembre, le 1 et le 4 octobre – Vous voulez participer? Enovyer par SMS au 1047 l’indicatif CHAMP, suivi du prénom, nom, et age, puis la réponse exacte a la question, en choisissant A, B, ou C: Parmi ces pays, lequel ne fait pas partie de l’Organization International de la Francophonie? A. Liban […]

Le Comité national des Jeux de la Francophonie (CNJF) organise une compétition internationale de DJ’s. Il s’agit de faire participer le plus grand nombre de DJs de musique électronique originaires des pays francophones membres de l’OIF. Le lancement Jusqu’à mi Juillet 2009, les DJS souhaitant participer à la compétition devront envoyer leur démo de 30 […]

The Ministry of Economy and Trade has asked us to publish an (old) advert bringing the Lebanese consumers’ attention to the fact that the Minitry of Economy and Trade will back you up if you show your receipt of purshase and the fake product!

A teacher experiments the effects of segregation and racism on third graders. & part 4

After Waltz with Bashir, the Israelis are once more defining their version of Lebanon’s history. The first movie was a war between the Israelis and Palestinians on Lebanese soil, this latest describes the Israeli war with the Syrians, on Lebanese soil. The film will not be played in Lebanon, and hence this circle will, as […]

U.S. Senator John McCain expressed pessimism over the political crisis in Lebanon and called Hizbullah a “cruel militia” that “badly wants to retain control over telecommunications and surveillance” in the country. “In recent days we’ve seen the portents of new political crisis in Lebanon and, while all of us must hope that it will be […]

Sunday passtime


The Lebanese are notorious for being image-conscious. But now so-called “Lebanese beauty fever” is hitting the very young, with the opening of three children’s spas this summer. “Be beautiful, even if you are young“, reads a poster in Verdun Street, one of Beyrouth’s most fashionable areas, advertising one of the new spas. It shows four […]

The Monthly ‘claims’ that… Since the beginning of the 1990’s, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has provided technical and administrative assistance to the Lebanese government. Its work has been focused in the ministries of finance, economy, administrative development and environment and, a few years ago, the premiership. Most researchers and Lebanese think that the […]

Memo: Nurses needed in Canada Hire Lebanese is seeking nursing candidates with Bachelors of Science degrees in Nursing, with degrees from USJ, AUB, and the Lebanese University The Job is in Canada MUST be fluent in French Please send your CV to – with subject line: Nurse Canada

Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad al-Hariri handed the president his proposed line-up for a national unity government yesterday, in a move swiftly rejected by opposition groups including the powerful Hezbollah. I do not think that the method employed today takes Lebanon out of the government formation crisis. On the contrary, it further complicates the problem,” said […]

Menassat’s primary goal is to expose the problems and challenges that journalists in the Arabic-speaking world face on a daily basis, and to help overcome them,” reads Menassat’s now-forlorn “About Us” page. But for journalists at the Beyrouth-based Middle East news website, one problem proved insurmountable: funding. The website, started in November 2007, frequently recorded […]

Why and how people and organizations give varies. Individuals mainly give because they are presented with a giving opportunity that motivates them. In turn, foundations give based on their specific defined philanthropic focus and goals, whereas a small part of donations from charitable contributions comes from corporations which seek to invest in community well-being. Dear […]

Par Médéa Azouri HABIB Cet été, on n’y a pas échappé. La presse mondiale a encensé le Liban. Nous avons été classés première destination touristique de l’année par le New York Times. Paris-Match a consacré cinq pages (au lieu des quatre usuelles). CNN a fait un mini-reportage sur la night life libanaise et récemment le […]

General Manager of Comtrax Solutions Jihad Bitar raised the alarm concerning an article published in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal on a potential deal between Walid Ben Talal and Murdoch himself; and I quote… The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rupert Murdoch – the Australian media mogul (owner amongst other things of the Fox channels […]

When Lebanese and the Arabs talk about ‘powerful & influential Jews‘ in the U.S.; knowingly or unknowigly, they’re refering to AIPAC – the American Israeli Public Affairs Commitee. While not all Jews are pro-AIPAC, an emerging decency in viewing the Middle East and the U.S. role in it is shaping up, rather unexpectedly, in the […]

To All you Photoshop Artists, Illustrators and Flash & Flex Gurus – the day has arrived, rather late, to launch Lebanon’s first, and only Adobe User Group. I have just received notice that they have just set up Lebanon’s Adobe User Group where you are strongly encouraged to Join (direct link). The Benefits? Plenty, […]

Now Lebanon’s 88th newsletter published a ‘new opinion‘ article, I’m compelled to aggregate it here. Before they hound me on placing a link to their article, I’m honestly inviting you to read it. I’ll quote the revealing introduction. Hezbollah does it. Wiam Wahhab does it; even educated FPM members do it!  Or rather they don’t. […]

We are pleased to encourage, yet even endorse a new Lebanese startup called . As the name describes, the site offers a free service to those wanting to rent apartements in Lebanon. This nifty new web application is getting a lot of listings making it the default rental estate in Lebanon. To date there […]