Internet Broadband Activism – Explaining to the New Lebanese Government


broadband lebanonWith the election of a new parliament, we have a real chance to explain to the new government that Broadband is truly a priority for the Lebanese people and businesses.

Fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity is the pre-requisite for economic and social development in the 21st century.

We already have secured the support of all professional associations, economic organizations, and prominent companies. We have also reached 5,000 individual signatures. We need at least 10,000 signatures from individuals to make the case that we are truly a national cause.

If each of us makes sure that one new person signs the Broadband Manifesto, we can double our number and reach 10,000 in one week. Please ask a friend to sign the petition at

Do this today and let our voice be heard and our demand be a true national cause one.


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