BLF Trade : A new website to boost the development of Lebanese businesses on an international level



Launched on July 9th 2009, is a website by Banque Libano-Française (BLF) which aims at promoting international trade for any Lebanese business. It is, actually, a new version of an older website launched in 2003 under the name which had been very successful with over 3500 different visitors per month. With this initiative, BLF hopes to “reinforce its role as the privileged partner” of businesses who wish to venture in international business. 
The new website was presented in the presence of numerous business personalities at the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (ESA). Then, Walid Raphael (Deputy General Manager of BLF), Raya Nahas (General Secretary of BLF) and Jean Christophe Fromantin (President of Export Entreprises S.A, Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine in France and President of the Commission for Development and Solidarity in Paris) took to the stage to discuss the high potential of Lebanese businesses abroad. 
Lebanon’s potential for international trade 

The website exists in French and in English. It offers a large database free of charge. Companies can also register to gain access to additional information and numerous services. BLF-Trade offers a platform of over 10 000 information pages on 185 countries to identify high potential markets and locate opportunities. The website also helps finding interesting partners for your business deals and assists you in planning an offer. Through the website, BLF also offers a large range of services for your overseas operations. 

Jean-Christophe Fromantin believes this website is perfectly adapted to Lebanon because this country has the important advantage of “building networks”. He stresses on the “culture of international observation” which he finds very developed in the country. Moreover, he adds, Lebanon is a small country turned towards exportation, which isn’t the case of American SME for examples. – Nelly Hatem


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