Al Manar embaresses Lebanon by launching anti-campaign against French-Moroccan Comedian, Gad El Maleh


Al Manar embaresses Lebanon - Gad el MalehI’ve seen absurdity, but this is by far the most harsh campaign you can launch on Lebanon. A cultural campaign hits it right at its heart. When asked how would Hezbollah’s mouth piece, Al Manar can damage and change Lebanon’s image and identity, this is precisely one mean.

To ease the pain, L’Orient-Le Jour’s cover page today titled:”Le Liban dit « ahlan wa sahlan » à Gad Elmaleh, in reference to a reversal of decision from Gad El Maleh to come to Lebanon, where its people would welcome him with open arms.

In a news conference held at the premises of the Tourism Ministry, was attended by Tourism Minister Elie Marouni, Information Minister Tarek MitriCulture Minister Tammam Salam, and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud later joined the event, and of course Beiteddine’s organization head Nora Jumblatt were all there to critisize Al Manar.

The photomontage above, which includes a picture of the artist, a photo of an Israeli soldier, and an image of Lebanon under attack, is how Al Manar portrayed Gad El Maleh. The channel claimed that the photograph of the Israeli soldier, which “does bear something of a resemblance“, was that of the artist at hand, leading viewers to believe that the Moroccan-born French citizen at some point served in the IDF. The photograph, along with several others, had been originally published on a pro-Israel website some 12 years ago. FRANCE 24 contacted the website, which explained that as an organisation which supports ASBI-Keren soldiers, the photographs, each accompanied by a comment from a celebrity, were sold in order to raise funds for social work projects. The picture in question however, was certainly not that of Gad El Maleh. Out of courtoisie, Gad has stated he would like to cancel his three shows due to security reasons.

By over-politicising Lebanon, there’s no space for hindsight or self-criticism. You cannot ban the right to laugh.

I’ve already counted myself in and signed up to the movement on Facebook titled ‘NON Au Terrorism Intellectuel! OUI a Gad ElMaleh Au Liban.

The Inner Circle is even looking into forming a symbolic protest in front of Al-Manar once we get the get to go from Ministry of Interior. Follow us on Twitter.


6 Responses to “Al Manar embaresses Lebanon by launching anti-campaign against French-Moroccan Comedian, Gad El Maleh”

  1. 1 Someone

    It never ceases to amaze me at how devoid most lebanese are of any REAL cultural pride. In america most of them would be called oreo cookies. americans and weterners in general view them as insignificant and ethnic.

    Only when they are proud to be ARABS (as they are considered) will they attain any self esteem and hence command respect from the rest of the world. I am completely for establishing an identity and being proud of it. Little does this sarkis chick know that she is being used. Nobody in france gives a hoot about her except for the 15 seconds that they use her mouth to further defame and detract Hezbollah. After all, if she bothered to check, she would have realized that sarkozy’s grandfather was a hollow cause survivor and kouchner’s FATHER was jewish. The french are now completely and officially pro israel in every way. Doubt me, watch france 24 and check to see who’s jewish or not.

    In a 100 years, nobody will remember her but Hezbollah might actually be running Lebanon. Oh and in case the reader is wondering? I AM LEBANESE!!!!!

  2. @ Paul, so your rather roll the red carpet to child killers like Samir Kuntar !

  3. Mr. Paul,

    Can I know the source of the information you provided above about Gad El Maleh being a supporter for the Assocation du bien etre du soldat israelien? If that is the case I am surprised, I am sure Beiteddine will retract the show he was going to do themselves.. Other than that, Manar did not mention this, what it mentioned was him being enrolled at one point in his life in the Israeli Army which was not the case. So, I guess the truth about this should be tackled by the ministry of tourism once and for all, is it censorship? or is it a righteous act. Come to think of it, if the dude was so innocent why would he be so scared for his life.. definitely there is something fishy about this

  4. 4 Paul

    I am not a fan of censorship but the issue is much more complicated that it has been presented by Orient Le Jour, which is a snobbish sectarian rag that would have disappeared years ago were it not subsididized by foreign countries.

    The French comedian is talented, but he is a zionist sympathizer who supports an association called “Association pour le Bien être du soldat israélien” (association for the well being of the Israeli soldier). Even after the July 2006 war, he wrote a statement supporting the Israeli army in no uncertain terms.

    Hezbollah exaggerated the whole thing and said that he was also a former Israeli army recruit. This is not true, but he did write the statement supporting the so-called IDF.

    Are we supposed to roll the red carpet for him in the name of “tourism” and “culture”? Have we no dignity left ? We lost 1350 of our countrymen just 3 years ago and he should welcome someone who praises their killers in the name of “seeming civilized” ? Boycott is a perfectly legitimate form of nonviolent resistance. Doesn’t the French rag L’Orient keep talking about “cultural resistance”. Well, to me, boycotting Gad is a form of cultural resistance.

    We did not even request the cancellation of his shows. We just said the truth about him. He decided on his own to cancel the show, because he knew what he was guilty of.

    But some stupid sectarian journalists want to show that they are “civilized” so they started this whole campaign, and they did not even tell their readers the truth about El Maleh’s association with Israel.

  5. 5 SA

    Thanks for your efforts. We should have a counter campaign to re-invite this dude (whoever he is). Does he have an email? I want to pitch in.

  1. 1 A very revealing affair: Gad elmaleh & the Lebanese Media – 2 « Worried Lebanese

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