Israel lobbies Russia Not to Sell Advanced Weaponry to Iran & Syria


Russia_Israel_IranFrom the lack of local blogs mentioning this, I’d like to share some not well circulated news concerning the Middle East with the circle.

Recently news have been pouring concerning the Middle East pointing to a big change in policy for Israel and it’s increasingly uncomfortable position, what no one expected was,  secret talks with Russia. Not known for being the best of friends.

Before any war, the battle starts with the arms trade. It all started with the war with Georgia. Russia had a major lack in air superiority and is known to all, that Russia has been reduced to a mere regional power from the good ol’ days of the USSR. While realizing this disadvantage, Israel took the chance to sell Russia a spy plane (UAVs) for a ‘mere’ $50 Million in which Russia will carefully study it to build on a version of its own. The US gave the go ahead for Israel to seal the deal a few days ago.

The Benefit ?
Russia would for its part block sales of sophisticated surface-to-air missiles (S300) badly needed by Iran (in the event of a one-hit job by Israel) and eight MiG31 to Syria. Russia openly turned its back on its Arab and Muslim long-time allies in order to focus on the Caucus and Central Asia.


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