President Sleimane hands Saad el-Hariri the challenge of forming a new Government


Saad_Hariri_Prime_MinisterThe implications of forming a new Goverment may prove to be a little challenging. Our new Prime Minister, son of slain Rafic el Hariri has took the challenge of his father as the next Prime Minister of Lebanon. The world, and certainly Lebanese know very well, young Sheikh Saad has big shoes to fill. Saad el-Hariri got 86 votes out of 128, while House Speaker got 90 votes. I’ll keep you posted with the formulas that have been circulating. The 30 ministry portfolios would be divided as follows:

15 Majoritaire + 10 Opposition + 5 Président
16 Majoritaire + 10 Opposition + 4 Président
14 Majoritaire + 9 Opposition + 7 Président

Among the 15-Christian Ministrial portfolios, Michel Aoun has indicated that it would be reasonable to grab 9 of the seats as they ought to be assigned relative to his blocks portion in parliament, leaving the Christians in the Majority with 6 portoflios, something the Majority hasen’t shot down as an idea, yet.


One Response to “President Sleimane hands Saad el-Hariri the challenge of forming a new Government”

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