Montréal – 2009 Dabké record in Guinness Book on June 20th


Dabkeh_MontrealTake part in making history! Come help Tollab – the Lebanese students’ federation in Montreal – in one of the biggest record breaking events of 2009!
It is within the framework of the annual Lebanese festival in Montreal (held on June 19th, 20th and 21st 2009) that Tollab, in collaboration with MAESTRO travel, aims at setting up a new record for the longest dabke chain ever assembled; an accomplishment that will enter the famous Guinness book of records after being approved by its official representative.
The Federation’s goal is to gather 3500 people at the Marcelin-Wilson Park on the 20th of June, and 

invite them to dance the Dabke for at least 5 minutes. This event will provide Montreal an international exposure that will highlight its multicultural face, hence uniting all Lebanese and Montrealers of all colors, religions, names or cultures.
The event will take place at 7:30 pm on June 20th 2009 at the Marcelin-Wilson Park, which is located on 11301 boul. de l`Acadie in Montreal, Quebec.

If you would like to participate, there’s no registration beforehand, so you only need show up for the event.
For more information, you can visit the Dabke  official facebook page here, or contact Tollab at


6 Responses to “Montréal – 2009 Dabké record in Guinness Book on June 20th”

  1. 1 Sam


    what the hell are you talking about? and who are you to judge who deserves it more? and on what basis? don’t just shoot random words!! 400 000 Palestinians are living in Lebanon and weakening the country in various domains! stop nagging and appreciate the facts!


  2. 2 Rima

    To Darin..
    did u count the palestinians?? how can u say something that ridiculously stupid and believe it..everyone was welcome to join but not to claim ownership and territory… it was a lebanese dabke and a lebanese record adn they deserved it…the end

  3. 3 chris

    mabrouk! i had a blast. very emotional to see everyone together and united.
    WE DID IT!! :)

  4. 4 darin

    it was awseum that we made it, but i noticed there was more palestinians than lebanesse, which is a good thing because palestinians deserve this more that lebanesse people!!!

  5. We made it!! We were 4475 there and we acheived it! :)
    So thank you so much guys!
    And congrats to all Lebanese! I wished everyone could see that and live it with us!
    Que c’est beau de voir les Libanais unis :)

  6. Thank you!!! :)
    It’s really important to pass the word and to be united!

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