Saad el Hariri – ‘Shou Tayyoub’


Saad_el_HaririThis is the first time I listen to Hariri Jr. for more than ten minutes. For a period of three hours, I was introduced through Marcel Ghanem to this young, and ambitious Lebanese patriot in trust and conscience.

If you ask me, it’s definitely a change of heart towards this man. A patriotic, nationalistic and courageous young politician. He certainly has his ways of convincing, and I feel it’s much more civil than the customs used by elder politicians. I too, am looking forward for these last to return to civil life as much as you. 

But Saad, is genuinely honest – I felt it, I truly felt with him the whole 3 hours. It took a good twenty minutes to kick in with his tone and tranquility, and found a humorous side to him. I admit, I laughed out loud during the talk. Somehow, in a funny way, I never saw that side of Hariri through his own prominent network, of Future TV. This guy follows a principle of being sincere, rather than serious. I love this policy, really. If you haven’t noticed, I am a Lebanese Christian, (even ashamed to admit that after such a speech) and if I was to vote today in a world where any person is able to take a single high ranking position in the Lebanese Government, I would Choose Saad over Aoun. I don’t know how I’ll feel the next morning, but for a moment it felt right!

In addition to previous posts I’ve published, I am still completely lost, two days before elections.

n.b. feel free to watch the full interview with Saad el Hariri on Kalam el Nas.


4 Responses to “Saad el Hariri – ‘Shou Tayyoub’”

  1. By the way, I don’t see how one can choose Aoun over Saad (or vice versa)… Our system prevents such a choice.
    Whether we like it or not, Hariri will be the leader of the largest Sunni party in Parliament and Aoun will be the leader of the largest Christian party… Sunni enjoys international baking and the whole Lebanese financial system is dependent on him… So he is indispensable. Aoun enjoys no international backing and has no “effective” power leverage in Lebanese politics: so he is dispensable: the 2005-2009 period proved that a massive communal backing is not enough in our democracy, to be recognised as a communal leader you should either control the public administration (Amal, Mustaqbal), huge financial ressources (Mustaqbal, Hezbollah), local state institutions (Ishtiraqi, Amal) or weapons (Hezbollah, Ishtiraqi, Amal).

  2. Yes, Hariri comes across as sincere, Berri as funny, Jumblatt as shrewd (and funny) and Nasrallah as authoritative. So who wins the Mr Congeniality contest?
    On the other hand, all the Christian leaders come across as hysterical, humourless or unskilful.
    But elections are not a personality contest… and you know better than me that Berri is going to be the next Speaker, Hariri will chose the next Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Jumblatt will keep his full control over the Druze community its representation and “his” territory.
    This being said, I think most of our politicians could be described as being “patriotic”, “nationalistic” and “courageous” (even if most of them are not that young). But they are also deeply sectarian, serve their own interests and are ruthless and totally Machiavellian when it comes to politics. Unfortunately, I see no exception.

  3. 3 Posh

    Sorry, I meant to say ‘mini Hariri’.

    Lol. I just had to say it. There’s something about the sound of it ;)

  4. 4 Posh

    I don’t know really but… I guess, unlike you, I’d choose Aoun over Saad.

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