OTV – Where are you from?


I swear to you – I am striving on keeping an objective point of view in these elections, as I have done in the past three years, and we have a whole written blog on each post that you are free to search and browse to testify my case .

I’m looking at the Elections in Lebanon closely, and I can’t help notice the violent attack on a young, charismatic Christian leader; A 28 years old chap which comes from a long lineage of rooted history in one of Lebanon’s most authentic, traditional, Maronite Lebanese families. It is not in my opinion that these attributes are non-objective, it is the belief of the majority of the Lebanese Christians. I am referring to of course, the Gemayels. Namely, the late Sheikh Bashir Gemayel.

In my personal opinion, Sami Gemayel is a breath of fresh air. Though he’s currently in the March14 camp. I’ve recently gotten acquainted to Sami Gemayel, mostly through these elections, and talked about with close people of the Now Lebanon! portal, a clearly bias, pro-Christian, anti-Michel Aoun crowd. But more importantly, when posed on looking at a 75 years old popular Christian leader such as General Michel Aoun as the current leader, one looks outward to new leaders with aspirations for the Christian community.

An opinion of criticism, at the management of OTV – They have become more blunt than Future TV, and the Innercircle has always criticized the Lebanese Media when they get cheap and vulgar.

A few days ago, there was an interview with Ms. Dima Sadeq on OTV with Sami Gemayel on her show, called ‘Yom Jdiide’. She openly took the role as an official spokesperson for the FPM aka Tayyar movement. I was shocked, I figured she would correct herself, or at least, be more courteous by at least hiding it! She’s a hostess of a political show. How is it possible in her ethical conscious, to speak so bluntly, even vulgarly on behalf of a political movement and defending its views. She’s a hostess for crying out loud for a Political tv show.The young Gemayel, spoke in a calm manner and tried to keep it humorous. I felt for a brief moment to point at at mizz Sadiq’s back and whisper to her that “life and all its glories, is finally not that serious“.

The unfair campaign went even further; Last nights nightly news on OTV stated the following. (thanks to Danny at vcoders for providing these clips)

On the other hand, this the actual full speech of Sami Gemayel,

OTV was supposed to be the balancer between the Lebanese Christians when Michel Aoun was on the ground with no media mouth piece, and the so called March 14 stole the headlines on most channels.Look at you now, you’ve become one of them, those you criticized


8 Responses to “OTV – Where are you from?”

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think this web site needs a
    lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the

  2. u need to be subjective ure self u need to watch her show more often…why dont u guys give such statements when she hosts people from the opposition she totally grill them..dima is one of the few talented journalists in lebanon…about sami its a shame for a community like the christians to end up having a kid to present and all he got is a scare tactics to gather some sheeples…creating phobias and presenting yourself as a savior is the oldest trick in the book…and its something that all jmayels have in common…but have u guys ever asked yourself where did it lead? no where except mass exodus of the christians from all over lebanon and a drainage toward immigration..they claim they fought the palastenians back in the 70s and what was the result? soon the palastenian population will excess that of the maronites..

  3. okvmfpodijxm

  4. 4 calina

    She grilled himm…. she bleww his ass!!! well that’s what she does with fpmrs tooo bass yemkin zedeta ma3o cz kenit abl l inti5abet!! i was watching the interview with some katetyob and lf friends they were soo imbaressed cz he was blowed off!!

  5. 5 Maurice

    Dunno where the whole speech was blew up mate!
    I agree with you regarding the interview though, Dima shouldn’t have acted the way she did. OTV management should note that.
    As for Sami, he is a good chap with Overall good ideas. Eventhough i don’t support some of them, I am sure he will have a bright political future.

  6. 6 moussa

    OTV blew up the hole speech, this is a scandale…

  7. 7 maroun

    OTV covering the event of la2i7at el 2inkaz….they r being sooo cheap!! no way!!

  8. 8 hanna

    I Totally agree with you about Dima sadek’s tv “show”!!
    OTV is being so subjective, cheap and ridiculous! watching it makes me feel stupid.
    Samy Gemayel chocked us all! i think he really is a new leader for the Christian community, and a very strong one!
    God bless him, and protects him from criminals!

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