LBC launches its own Lebanese Elections 2009 website


LBC Parliamentary Elections 2009To all those living abroad, LBC has made it easy for us to keep an eye on the Lebanese Elections this time around. has an interactive map of the elections in Lebanon, and my favorite, a legal way of watching the most viewed political (and independent) show of the charismatic Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass. The portal unfortunately does not offer a French localized service, while Al Manar offers a French, Spanish, English and of course Arabic site.

As mentioned previously, due to some legal conflict, LBC today has become the most objective and neutral TV station in Lebanon.

Eight days left to election day (June 7th) and the western media has a close watch on this democratic event in the Middle East. I have listed several portals to keep track of the elections, it looks heated, and democracy has never looked so bright for this tiny nation.


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  1. thanks, most useful.

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