Ziad Baroud launches ‘elections.gov.lb’


The Lebanese Interior Ministry launched Wednesday a website, www.elections.gov.lb, devoted entirely to the June 7 parliamentary polls. The website contains relevant elections-related information for candidates, monitors, journalists and the public. The ministry also launched an four-digit (1790) elections hotline for queries and complaints. The site is in Arabic, French and in English.

Keep track of personal observations concerning the Lebanese Legislative Elections in 2009.

You may also see an interactive map developed by L’Orient le Jour with the candidates and available seats for each district in Lebanon.


4 Responses to “Ziad Baroud launches ‘elections.gov.lb’”

  1. Hey there,
    I love your blog. Altavista sent me to this blog. I have found so much good imformation here.
    Will surely visit it again.

  2. 2 Rania

    elections.gov is not more than information about the elections, there is no analysis. I liked the interactive map you wrote about for L’Orient Le-Jour. LBC has a good map too, but not detailed

  3. 3 Michel K.

    Baroud is well active, tierelessly making sure we have a decent, fair, and recognized election. Regardless, Lebanon has showed once more its faith in Democracy.

  4. Thank God! That was my very first comment when he first launched dgps.gov.lb. What a pathetic French acronym for a site available only in Arabic. Elections.gov.lb is a start though I still believe intikhabat.gov.lb would be more far reaching.

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