The Politics of Religion – A War Lebanon can’t afford to join


I post this to the people who won’t be forwarded by this, since I am sure this is making more its viral among Jews, Christians and Islamophobes.

[Watch First] Not sure what to make of it. The producers make it sound as if it’s bad. Who says how the world is now – is the proper way it aught to be?

‘Right’ & ‘Wrong’ are extremely relative and subjective words.

As an observer, everyone feels attached to their religion, regardless if they believe in it or really have faith in it.

In my opinion, Lebanon supersedes this identity crisis, while the world chose race, and color of skin or language as the choice of differentiation as an identity. Religion was the identity of choice of the Lebanese people; and let me tell you, it ended bad, just like all fanatism or racism that wish to eliminate the ‘other’.

I suggest we hold these identities, because after all, I wouldn’t know I was Christian, if it weren’t for a Muslim, or any other religion for that matter; In fact, I wouldn’t know what I would mean, if it weren’t for the ‘other’. How I am, as opposed to not being. They give me the reason to be who I am, and the ‘other’ is saying that same thing too. It gets serious once we feel the need to eliminate the ‘other’ (Eugenic doctrines & ethnic cleansing) that  it starts to gets wonky, and frankly self-destructive.

To all the fanatics out there, or those that fear this viral clip, I ask you this – How do you know you are better, if there wasn’t someone else out there, that isn’t.

For more on the unity of diversity, click here, here, here and here.


4 Responses to “The Politics of Religion – A War Lebanon can’t afford to join”

  1. 1 Tom Katsumi

    Well the BBC completely discredited it anyway – please see my response:

  2. 2 Serpico

    I think it needs a higher consciousness and awareness to really grasp the concept of Yin Yang and unity of diversity, that one cannot exist without the other, but it gets bad when people misunderstand it such as in the video.

    I have just checked the other posts that you linked to, and found they contain quite informative knowledge on this matter. Keep up the good work Jester! I suggest we provide the schooling system in Lebanon with a Consciousness-Based Education program such as the one launched by the David Lynch Foundation.

  3. 3 nona


    I’m a Lebanese muslim, I am your sister, I am your friend, I am not your opponent.


  4. this is absolutely disgusting. I just don’t understand the born-again evangelical Protestant communities. They don’t like Muslims, don’t like Catholics, certainly don’t welcome the “Latino nations”, as the video refers to Latino-Americans, and above all don’t get that our diversity is our strength. (Also, not sure that I agree with your idea that people of other faiths are our ‘opponents’ – any chance you’d settle for a less confrontational term:)?)

    The makers of this video might find it useful to open a Bible now and then, and to take particular note of what Jesus termed the second (of two) commandment: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. No mention there of loving only one’s Christian neighbors …

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