Poll – Who do you believe ordered the killing of Rafik Hariri ?


With the recent release of the four generals, the international tribunal in the Netherlands was left with no suspects in custody, after a four-year U.N. investigation. The tribunal’s decision — after prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to justify detention. Who do you think, as an observer, ordered the killing of our ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri back in 2005.
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2 Responses to “Poll – Who do you believe ordered the killing of Rafik Hariri ?”

  1. 1 fauzia

    Those who were behind the killing of Rafik Hariri believed that the Lebanon he rebuilt and was rebuilding was a threat to them!He wanted a modern state ,a real democratic state that respects the individual .He wanted a future based on education and knowledge!He believed and planned for a hundred years and he educated men!He was tolerant and believed that nothing came before Lebanon!He wanted a free sovereign state that could have its own economic and political policies !Those who saw this as a threat to their plans ,policies and existence killed him to create a vacuum where they could work and do their job!The truth will sooner or later come out hopefully and as they say ,¨there are truths that can kill a nation.¨Let us just hope that those who ordered his killing are brought to justice whoever they may be!

  2. 2 Truther

    This is not a good subject to vote. Forensics should eliminate the impossible and then what remains is the truth. Media spin already has misled the audience for many years. Innocent generals have been jailed.

    Do you think bombs create such a heat seen here, in this case? What kind of bombs? List comparable bomb assassinations from elsewhere in the world? Ouch, none?
    Bombs create a sudden overpressure and flying fragments.
    Consult any real expert, if you can find one. There are bomb makers in your country, I have heard. Don’t ask UN, or the answer will be political, serving the evil ones.

    It is so obvious. Syria cannot build such hi-tech weapons.
    Only a handful of nations can. But you need to think on this yourself. You wouldn’t believe me, so I’n not saying.

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