Sell Your Vote – I’m Selling Mine!


votebuying_lebanonIf you haven’t read the article in the New York Times entitled:”Foreign Money Seeks to Buy Lebanese Votes” – I suggest you start there.

I personally have been offered a ticket to Lebanon before the elections to vote for a list of candidates! Many expatriates around me have had similar offers. The only reason I’m not taking it, I can’t leave in June due to milestone priorities.

But rest assured, and I guarantee all my readers, that I would have taken the free ticket (and party in Beyrouth). Furthermore, I encourage all Lebanese voters to vote depending on who pays them the most. Yeah, who pays you the most. Think it sounds cheap… read on.

Why would I sell my Vote

For one, that $800 I will receive for my vote (~$1500 for expats) is the most I will see from my Government! Plain & Simple this is what it comes down to. These same rascals that have governed our parliament have made us go through hell and torture; Think of the money in circulation being dumped into Lebanon from abroad. What Recession?
After all, the government will be forced to have a National Unity Government, whoever takes the majority, and will be a minority with Veto power anyways. So I suggest selling your vote to the Highest Bidder, and if you vote in Swing Districts, you can afford to up the price.

40 days left – Best of Luck!


3 Responses to “Sell Your Vote – I’m Selling Mine!”

  1. 1 Alaa

    To sell your vote, would be wise… only when you accept it from someone you would have already voted for if you were in lebanon . On the other hand voting for that same one if you got the offer from the other party would be wiser :D so why not do that !! no one would know and well rest assured you wont feel any shame since they trying to buy your vote would be the most shamefull … SO PUT YOUR VOTES UP FOR BID AND VOTE FOR 1 anyway !!

  2. I hope there are more people like you X, than me :) I sincerely do.

  3. 3 X

    It quite literally disgusts me that this site is not only endorsing, but advertising for the sale of votes. This attitude is defeatist, not opportunist as one would think at first. The sale of a vote goes on the assumption that democracy can never be in Lebanon. Votes have always been purchased, ballot boxes stuffed, the only difference (?) this time around seems to be the blatancy and almost boastful position different political factions are taking. I for one would never sell my vote, no matter how high the bidding war went. To sell a vote is to turn your back on what can be a great country. To sell a vote is to “give the finger” to democracy, to say I give up, to say I don’t care. This is not a practise I will support or an attitude I can excuse.

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