Shola Cohen – The Pearl


shola_cohen_movieLebanese director Fouad Khoury took a bold step while producing Shula Cohen; A film of a Jewish Lebanese lady living in Wadi Abu Jmil, the area that gathers a big community of Jews in Beyrouth. In her late thirties, she was a total beauty, with great intelligence; and called: “The Pearl”.

With her wide relationships among the Lebanese society, from political ministers, to the general head of the Lebanese security, she was running a ring of network espionage for the Israeli Intelligence, right from Beyrouth.

The movie is in a Lebanese dialect, and currently playing in Planet Abraj, Planete Zouk and St. Elie Antelias.


9 Responses to “Shola Cohen – The Pearl”

  1. 1 videos

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  3. 3 Jaques

    You say “honet”’s a very uselful word for liars. Netenyahu claims to be “honet” but he’s a pathological liar named Mylejkowski” not Hebrew as he claims but a lithuanian Ashkenazi. ben Gurion, de Rotsschild, Golda Meir, Stalin, Marx, Lenin..the list goes on and on of “honest” liars.

    Shula Cohen overheard private talk and reported it to the most vicious regime on our planet. She went on from their to fame/notoriety using her looks and contacts, to betray the country which served her family well.”I’m the mother of six ” she said”don’t put my honour on the line”…what honour?….serving the human abbattoir known as Mossad?..whose assassinations are scores of thousands. ben Menashe alone said that in selling the spy programme “Promis” around the world he had been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands.Mossas and the IDF are no more than abbattoir workers in a human abbattoir called “the earth” throughout which they and their stooges meander and kill at wil.

    I am yet to see the dvd but the acting really isn’t the issue…the issue is that a spoiled child becamse a traitor, not only to her country but to the decent people throughout the world. “By deception we shall wage war” is inoccuous compared with the viscera strewn gore Israel’s Khazars leave about their abattoir, typically people innocent of anything except ‘getting in the way” like Mollemann and Barschel who were brutally murdered by Mossad and in Barscels case the gruesome murder was filmed. False flagging others by murderous acts against other jews, the USS Liberty,Egyptians and Lebanese as well as Palestinians, South Africans, Americans, Germans, French, “911” might as well say “the world” rather than list them all

    LIke a narcotic the zionists permeate decent countries to lay the openings for their poisonous venom bigotry and propaganda.Yhey call themselves “Jewish Councils” or Federations or “Israeli-your country Chamber of Commerce” for example. Mesmerised politicians who secure power are “ok’d” by these zionist enclaves…any US president must be not only a freemason and in some cases a mafia supported sayanna but pass the zionist examination of his motives and outlook.Obama did this so openly it was embarassing to see. Misguided jewish-root religions also support them.

    The Arab people have no perceptibly serious argument with decent Jews at all, whether in Israel of anywhere else but they do have issues with the Khazar faux jews, murderers, assassins, torture chamber experts, pathological liars, manipulators sponsored by the central banker family deRothschild, who’s school Shula Cohen attended.They also have issues with the “peace process” to which Israel has never contributed anything, highlighted by the assassination of a prime minister who thought to “give it a try” when the peace accord of tw scandanavians was hijacked by the US government and purported to be Israeli, Ultimately it failed because the last thing Israeli Khazars want is peace. Profit, power and rapine is in their dna.

    It may be a great film but the woman and her deeds dishonour her and disempower and demean us all.Voila

  4. 4 sam

    I loved the Lebanese actress Darine Hamze playing the role of the Jewish spy Shola Cohen. She was so convincing and beautiful! why should we make a big issue about the film? it happened and it’s a story, it’s a history event that took place, and I’m not surprised, no one is, because we know all those things already. I just think Darine Hamze is a daring courageous actress. and i love and respect her a lot!

  5. 5 roula Saba

    I think cinema is a language that tells stories of people, good or bad, just to say what happened. It’s not gonna cause any tension, it didn’t. I was screened in Lebanon but didn’t make any problems for anyone.
    and since these things happened in our past we should know about it. The film was okay though it should have directed better, but I love the Lebanese actress Darine Hamze who played Shola Cohen, she was amazingly natural.. I’m a big fan of hers, she always chooses tough diverse roles o play.
    I think it’s a good step for Lebanese movies to be more daring, and honest and also say things as they are with no artificial commercial aim only.
    As for politic, it’s not our problem. it’s just a movie and i liked watching it.


  6. 6 noura Jasim

    I loved Darine Hamze in the way she played Shola Cohen… I think she’s the BEST LEBANESE actress to come…… and she’ll be the BEST ARAB ACTRESS TO COME… Watch my words! Bravo Darine Hamze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all love u!

  7. 7 ana younes

    Well, it is true though and why should we hide the truth. they even published her story like a year and a half ago here in the US in an Evangelical Christian Channel and they called her a hero and she was proud of herself while she was telling her story. So why should we hide behind the truth. You don’t see the americans not making any more movies about their previous enemies. But no not us. Our kids should know the truth so it should never get repeated. Yes,we should renovate the Synagogue in Beirut because not all jews are the same as not all muslims are the same or belive the same and so are the christians. So the truth should be told, it happened and she is proud of it so why not make a movie about her and how the prime minister of Lebanon at the time told her that she is like one of his girls and she ended up stabbing him in his back and also the country that she supposetly was hers.

  8. 8 Ornella Jibran

    Rania Chaouke Jeriyes Khalil is 2 stupid

  9. 9 Emmanuel emmanuel

    je pense que ce n’est pas le bon moment de créer des tensions ….
    le film est honteux !! ce film montre la vie d’une espionne juive libanaise !!
    mais est ce qu’il ya eu quelqu’un qui a montré les crimes et les sales comportements envers les juifs libanais pendant la guerre libanaise… ou le hezb allah qui a tué un de nos présidents de la comunauté !!!!!

    Mais hélas non !! on n’oublie peut être ou on ne veut pas le montrer !!

    je suis désolé pour un liban pareil ! je suis dégouté par les gens qui tiennent des idées pareil que le film !!

    en vous rappelant , que le film persepolis n’a pas pu être présent dans les salles libanaises à cause du fameux parti hezb alla ! vive la liberté !


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