Woopra – Better than Google Analytics?


Woopra_logoThe innercircle has created a new category on a thriving industry in the field of Software as a Service under ‘Lebanese Startups’. We have set up this category for these special posts which I’m sure has a hefty number of audience curious to tap in on such achievements, especially for such an active entrepreneurial spirited nation.

Our post of the day is on Woopra.

In their words, “Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application.

Woopra is a real-time website tracking and Analytics application that has a number of greater and better features than Google Analytics, such as real time tracking and a desktop version. My favorite is tagging users, which for my knowledge at least haven’t seen on other analytics tools.

The founders of Woopra are two young, bright Lebanese. One is Elie Khoury, 23, LAU graduate, and Jad Younan, 24, who is also Lebanese. Together in Byblos, Lebanon, they started developing the idea in the early months of 2007. Younan worked on the server side, Khoury was on the client side developing the user interface using Java, which he submitted as his graduation project at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

The innercircle wishes you all the best on your endeavor, Courage!!


13 Responses to “Woopra – Better than Google Analytics?”

  1. Pretty! Τhis ɦas beern a really wonderful post.
    Thankѕ for supplying these detɑils.

  2. come on get your act together

  3. there are some equally as good as woopra bu I’m not aware of any similar Windows based application that can capture a Web app into a desktop app, but if you are please share it with everyone in the comments! Meanwhile, we still have plans for packaging the Web based version into an officially supported desktop app in the not too distant future.

  4. Hello just thought I’d drop by and say hello

  5. whoops – closed – can’t wait

  6. OK lets have a look – I’m getting a bit fed up with Google Analytics anhow

  7. 7 Bruno M

    I agree with everyone here – it’s really worth trying! I got in on what I think was the second wave of beta. Unfortunately I don’t have a heavily trafficked site. Any interesting stores about using real-time to tag visitors or chat with them?

  8. We (agency that i work) already use Woopra for some months, inside website projects, both using XHTML or Flash.
    The desktop version of Woopra is very powerful and gives you important details about your visitors.

    Actually i am testing other services, like Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics, but it is only for see if other services have new features…

    The Woopra has worked good in all of our projects. :)


  10. 10 steeeeph

    Nice job guys!

  11. Hats off to the Woopra team!

  12. Congarts for the lebanese and Lebanon
    i did not like the layout!!

  1. 1 Woopra » Blog Archive » Woopra News: Woopra Status, Woopra Reviews, and Woopra on Your Resume

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