The U.S. offers Lebanon twelve Raven unmanned


raven_unmanned_lebanonThe United States will provide the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with twelve Raven unmanned aircraft in the coming months.

Really? I mean who would read this and not think the U.S. intentions in doing its utmost not to monitor Hezbollah and it’s movements.

The U.N. is doing its part rather efficiently, and effectively in keeping the peace, but its not working for Israel to protect it’s border, and hence needs guarentees to feel secure.

Even though the Lebanese Armed Forces are the ones in control of these unamnned Ravens, it’s hard to escape that feeling where they wouldn’t encourage the LAF to supervise activities by Hezbollah. A counter argument would be, Israel already flies over Lebanon freely to supervise Hezbollahs movements anyways.

The offer is kind, but what worries this current post is the intention behind it.


2 Responses to “The U.S. offers Lebanon twelve Raven unmanned”

  1. I think the issue here is not more than the fact that the US just wants to provide the LAF with some kind of aerial support similar to the one done by Russia and the UAE (and was it Jordan as well!?) But seeing that the Israelis have so much control over there, they wouldn’t allow the US administration to provide more than these paper kites… When I first read the news I was like WHOA, then I googled these ravens and it turns out that they are literally paper kites!!

  2. 2 unmanned raven

    Friday 17th April – True Story –
    I had a dream – unfortunately not the Martin Luther dream genre-… you’d know why in less than a minute:
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