Can Beyrouth be a Digital Middle East Hub?


beirut_media_cityA venture capitalist thinks it can.

One of the founders at the innercircle has tipped us with an intriguing idea of establishing a Media City in Lebanon. 

Hervé Cuviliez, an entrepreneur and business angel at Kuv Capital is studying the idea that may well blossom given Lebanon’s unique trend setting influence for the Middle East and access to resources with talent.

This may not be as crazy as it may sound. To date, Herve’s blog has posted the following information which could lead you pondering on it as well:

Here is the idea. Find old warehouses or factories, rehabilitate them in offices with decent broadband and electricity, free spaces for students who want to work on innovative projects, Showroom for high tech companies, etc..

No it’s not a only a dream. We have already spotted 3 places around Beirut, talked to investors, convince 6 digital related companies and a media group to move in, etc..

The Silicon Valley started like this 20 years ago by gathering one after the others in place around San Francisco, Why not us ?

It’s hard not to be swayed by this, and if you feel you can pitch in with your ideas or think it’s plain idiotic, feel free to notify him.


6 Responses to “Can Beyrouth be a Digital Middle East Hub?”

  1. 1 Roland Naddaf

    Well if it is looked at as a way to reduce cost through cheaper human resources then i wouldn’t go ahead with it and Beirut should not be positioned like China where most of today’s manufacturing is taking place. ARE YOU SERIOUS Mr Cuviliez ?????? You wanna take advantage of our talented students give them less wages comparing to what this sort of Jobs would cost you in Europe, the States or whatever…Using the world “Students” reveals the typical intentions of a capitalist. I’d say no!!! Get your concept fixed Sir.


  2. 2 Tarek

    (what’s with my avatar?)

  3. 3 Tarek

    I don’t see why not.. Lebanon already has a couple of really good IT based companies that provide their solutions to multinational clients and are all based in Lebanon! The fact that it’s the IT world and most work can be done online offsets the risks (airport bombed, road to airport closed!) associated with investing in Lebanon (and hopefully these risks have been put to rest anyway (for a while at least)).

    It’s just that the whole thing kinda sounds like what Berytech is no??

    (and like Jad, I was thrown off with the title of a media city)

  4. 4 X

    I think the idea is a great one, I just wonder how practical this endeavour is actually going to be. There is a lot of major unknown factors that could either make or break this project given the instability of our country at times.
    That being said, after reading up on Mr. Cuviliez I think he could potentially make it happen.
    Looking forward to seeing how this all progresses…

  5. At first I thought you were talking about mimicking Dubai Media City, but I think this idea is absolutely great, especially if this is done in far-flung places such as the Bekaa Valley or South Lebanon. Costs their would be cheaper and it would provide great benefits to the surrounding community.

  6. Thanks for your support.
    More about Beirut Media City (timeline,etc..) on kuv capital blog:

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