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Business Monitor International (BMI) estimated the size of the Lebanese information technology (IT) sector at around $251 million in 2008, adding that the market’s considerable potential remains constrained by an unstable political outlook and a mixed picture regarding economic policy, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group. It […]

(France 24) – Le Liban a libéré, mercredi, quatre généraux, emprisonnés depuis le 30 août 2005 pour leur implication présumée dans l’assassinat de l’ancien Premier ministre libanais, Rafic Hariri, le 14 février 2005. Un peu plus tôt, le ministre de la Justice libanais, Ibrahim Najjar, joint au téléphone par FRANCE 24, avait affirmé que le pays […]

Our young and well respected Minister of Interior Ziad Baroud proposed yesterday that the Cabinet amend the legislation that currently labels Lebanese Jews as “Israélite” to “Lebanese Jews.” Members of Lebanon’s Jewish sect are referred to as Israélites on their identification cards and on electoral lists. Baroud’s proposal asked the Cabinet to adopt a draft law to […]

An unintended grin arose when I saw Lebanon in Reuters|Oddly Enough. I believe prevention is better than cure, but this is absurd. BEYROUTH (Reuters) – Swine flu has not yet hit Lebanon but is threatening a national custom. Lebanese should stop greeting each other with kisses to the cheek (!), Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh told […]

It’s so easy to love the Cedar Island idea, I guess its why it getting so much attention. Update: Work on Cedar Island, an $8.2 billion artificial island off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon, will be postponed until after the parliamentary elections in June. ”We are still waiting for permits from the authorities, so everything is on […]

If you haven’t read the article in the New York Times entitled:”Foreign Money Seeks to Buy Lebanese Votes” – I suggest you start there. I personally have been offered a ticket to Lebanon before the elections to vote for a list of candidates! Many expatriates around me have had similar offers. The only reason I’m […]

Qifa Nabki, an authoritative blog in my opinion on Lebanese politics, briefed on the news surrounding the Elections this week, I felt compelled to share this with the circle. Video Transcript:

United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Lebanon to encourage fair elections and free from foreign interference. Namely, Syria, the U.S., Iran and Israel. The violent four. One opinion in view of this news,  is that the United States has interest in keeping an eye on Lebanon, for nothing other, […]

Découvrez, ce mois-ci dans l’Orient le Jour Junior  Les avis partagés des jeunes sur les Mangas; Le métier de grand reporter avec Delphine Minoui; L’astronomie à l’école; La nature protégée à Jabal Moussa; Cuba, une destination de rêve; Sans oublier les dernières nouveautés en Formule 1, au cinéma et en musique… « L’Orient-Le Jour Junior […]

These accusations are still unconfirmed, and there is nothing yet backing these claims.

The United States delivered a “Caravan” combat air support aircraft to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) on April 15.  This aircraft is the latest equipment support delivery for the LAF in the ongoing U.S. military assistance program to Lebanon.  The U.S. program assists the LAF as it protects Lebanon’s borders and the Lebanese people. The […]

European Union representatives and diplomats left the hall minutes into Ahmadinijad’s speech, while others cheerfully applauded him. You be the judge.

Lebanese director Fouad Khoury took a bold step while producing Shula Cohen; A film of a Jewish Lebanese lady living in Wadi Abu Jmil, the area that gathers a big community of Jews in Beyrouth. In her late thirties, she was a total beauty, with great intelligence; and called: “The Pearl”. With her wide relationships […]

AFP – La ministre française de l’Intérieur Michèle Alliot-Marie va proposer lundi à Beyrouth aux autorités libanaises un “accord global de coopération” en matière de sécurité intérieure et de sécurité civile représentant 4 millions d’euros. Le principe de cet accord avait été “fixé à Paris avec le ministre de l’Intérieur libanais Zyiad Baroud” lors de […]

Le livre ”Beyrouth in Sight – Paris”, guide de la communauté libanaise à Paris, vient de sortir chez Tamyras. Cet ouvrage signé Laila Zahed offre une multitude de conseils pratiques à tous ceux qui souhaitent retrouver un peu du Liban dans la capitale française. Sa parution est aussi l’occasion de se poser des questions sur l’intégration des Libanais […]

Cela faisait dix ans que le Championnat arabe de basket-ball n’avait pas été organisé au Liban, en raison de l’instabilité sécuritaire. Le pays du Cèdre accueillera du 25 avril au 6 mai 2009 la 22ème édition de ce grand rendez-vous sportif, dédiée par la Fédération libanaise de basket-ball au Premier ministre libanais assassiné Rafic Hariri. […]

On July 14 2006, the Israeli air force bombed the power plant at al-Jiyeh, a small seaside town in southern Lebanon. They bombed it again the next day. Up to 30,000 tonnes of fuel oil were spilled into the Mediterranean sea. The bombing raids were part of the one month war that Israel and the […]

The innercircle has created a new category on a thriving industry in the field of Software as a Service under ‘Lebanese Startups’. We have set up this category for these special posts which I’m sure has a hefty number of audience curious to tap in on such achievements, especially for such an active entrepreneurial spirited […]

The United States will provide the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with twelve Raven unmanned aircraft in the coming months. Really? I mean who would read this and not think the U.S. intentions in doing its utmost not to monitor Hezbollah and it’s movements. The U.N. is doing its part rather efficiently, and effectively in keeping […]

The sun beat down oppressively on Martyrs Square on Monday, bathing in blinding light a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War and to launch the first national memorial for its victims. The event was organized by Memory for the Future, a civil peace association that says it […]

Prior to our post concerning the Canadian embassy making lives of Lebanese easier, this news propped up. As of March 31, Lebanese nationals applying to immigrate to Canada may select the visa office in Beyrouth, Lebanon, as their main point of service, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today. “This change follows up […]

The Lebanese Broadband Stakeholders Group is pleased to announce the start of its Speakers Series with a special meeting with two internationally renowned speakers in the field of broadband. The 2 speakers will share their experience in France and the UK respectively. The floor will be opened to a lengthy questions and answers period to […]

A venture capitalist thinks it can. One of the founders at the innercircle has tipped us with an intriguing idea of establishing a Media City in Lebanon.  Hervé Cuviliez, an entrepreneur and business angel at Kuv Capital is studying the idea that may well blossom given Lebanon’s unique trend setting influence for the Middle East […]

Lebanon inaugurated today a scientific ship that will be dedicated to studying flora, fauna and seismic activity off the Mediterranean coast and said to be the first such project in the region. Cana (as the ship is called) is the first of its kind in the Middle East,” Cosimo Lacirignola, director of the Italy-based International […]

Kiva, a person-to-person micro-lending community based site has raised $7000 for 235 loans for Lebanon. Most of its members are Lebanese Expatriates, and a flowering number of generous people throughout the world. You can read more on the lives that have been transformed, thanks to these micro-loans.

This post deserves a special thanks to Rami at +961. As a follow up to last weeks news about Google exploring the MidEast market, Google launched their portal for Lebanon at The site is in Arabic (default), French, Armenian and English. While Yamli is much used in the Arab world for converting search terms from […]

A new Lebanese Academy entitled “Académie des Sciences du Liban” will be established in Lebanon.  The foundation of the ASL was shepherded by the French Academy of Sciences, which also hosted the first meeting of the ASL in Paris on June 27, 2008. The first meeting of the ASL’s Executive Committee was held in Beyrouth, Lebanon […]