Green Party declares ‘state of emergency’


Lebanon’s newly founded Green Party of Lebanon (GPL) declared an “environmental state of emergency,”saying the country’s environment had entered a very critical stage. During a news conference over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in downtown Beirut, the GPL also launched an “Environmental Pact.” GPL’s president, Philippe Skaff, said the pact, which included a 20-point program, calls for the creation of a “Green Brigade” and an environmental attorney general’s office, as well as the adoption of a national reforestation plan. The Pact also urged legal measures to protect the environment, and called for increasing the budget of the Environment Ministry. It also proposed practical measures to ration energy consumption and improve waste management.


One Response to “Green Party declares ‘state of emergency’”

  1. 1 Mohamad

    I was told that Mr. Phillipe Skaff had published a video clip about the environment, i was wondering if there is a link to the video clip online.
    If anyone knows the link to the video clip, please publish it here.
    And thanks you.

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