House of Arts & Culture – Beyrouth, Lebanon


House of Arts and Culture

Our Minister of Culture announced on Monday that an Italian architect, Alberto Catalano, has won the bid to design Beyrouth’s Arts and Culture House to be located in downtown Beyrouth.

The idea of the Culture House in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville is an old dream,” Tamam Salam said during his press conference at Forum de Beyrouth.

He described the planned building to be a space for exhibitions and displays with halls adorned with art and items of cultural significance. The building will also include the National Cinema Library and public-friendly areas such as reception rooms, shopping areas, and a food court. 

Salam thanked, among others, Prime Minister Fouad Saniora for his support of “the embodiment of this dream” and Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman for his contribution of $20 million to the project.

Alberto Catalano’s team received a $75,000 prize and will get a commission to complete the project. The Arts and Culture House is expected to be completed in 2013. 

A panel of international jurors, assigned to judge the competition, received 753 initial entries from 63 countries, and 388 official project submissions.


10 Responses to “House of Arts & Culture – Beyrouth, Lebanon”

  1. 1 isa

    The “arkhenspace” images are not those of the wining project!

  2. 2 Hisham Rawas

    Sorry Eric, but the link you have posted doesn’t reveal the winning project.

  3. 3 noker
    here you can see the second prize, i could not reach the others though…

  4. 4 hanaa rassy

    anyone have photos for the tree top projects????? it ll be intrested to see since i m out of town for the moment. and i cant make it for the exhibition

  5. 5 noker

    can anybody post some images of the winning project(s)?
    it has nearly been a week but i cannot reach any single image.
    the jury should have posted the images and their report so far…

  6. 6 Germán Ramírez

    It is very unfortunately decision and project, a brutal one.

  7. have you seen the winner ?!?!
    tragic outcome

  8. Interesting project. We should have more of such places for artistic and cultural exchange.

  9. House of Art and Culture

    A place of wing and gathering

    See some images of the project

  1. 1 Hisham rawas | Mendocinophoto

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